Soul Mate Dreams: Can You Dream of Someone You Never Met Before Meeting Them?

Soul Mate Dreams: Can You Dream of Someone You Never Met?

We wonder if there’s that perfect someone out there for us. Is there such thing as a soul mate? When our souls were created they were created in pairs and groups. One of the other souls in your soul group could be your soul mate. Between lives, we often choose to reincarnate with the same souls each lifetime, so meeting your soul mate in this life would be highly likely in that case, wouldn’t it? In this article we’ll explore the possibility of soul mate dreams and answer the question “can you dream of someone you never met”?

What is a Soul Mate, Exactly?

In addition to having a soul group, you also have soul mates. Yes, I said soul mates…as in plural. What exactly is a soul mate? A soul mate is a soul from your soul group you’ve had intimate relationships with in multiple incarnations. This means in this life or a past life (or lives), you and another soul from your soul group have incarnated together and had an intense relationship of some kind on this earthly plane. This could be a romantic relationship, family relationship, or platonic relationship…but it was close nevertheless. Mate can mean someone you “mate” with, but it can also mean friend.

How to know your soul mate:

  • emotions and memories are more intense than others
  • the moment you see this person you know you love them (love at first sight or clicking with a friend)
  • you feel like you’ve known this person before, even though you might have just met
  • you can talk with this person for hours on end without getting bored or running out of things to discuss
  • the feeling like you’re old friends when you’ve just met
  • when you’re alone with this person, nothing else in the world matters
  • you connect on a deep level

Will I Meet My Soul Mate?

It’s a very romantic notion to think everyone has a perfect soul out there for them, just waiting to be found. The truth is – you’ve probably already met your soul mate and soul mates (more than one). One of your soul mates may be your best friend. Another could have been your grandfather. And yet another an ex-lover. Don’t box yourself into the notion of finding that “one perfect soul” for you – there’s more than one soul mate for you. And you might already know him or her. Also, romantic love isn’t the only kind of love on earth. Don’t live your life searching for that one perfect love, because you’ll miss out on the other love experiences.

Are Soul Mate Dreams Real?

Dreams can take us to far-off places. Surreal places where reality is blurred and things aren’t what they seem. We are taken to places we’ve been before. Sometimes our dreams seem like future memories – experiences in our dreams sometimes become reality. Are dreams just psychological pictures brushed off as “all in a person’s head”? Or are they something more?

It’s Up To You to Decide

To answer whether soul mate dreams are real or not, the individual must evaluate his or her beliefs and experiences. For me, I’ve had dreams that have come true on one level or another, so I know that my dreams are real to some degree. I also believe that our dreams can be distant past-life memories and even memories from other realms of existence. And if you pay attention to your dreams, you’ll realize how your dreams reflect the events in your life past, present, and future. Sometimes dreams are prophetic in which you may meet someone on the dream plane that you’ll eventually meet in real life.

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Record Your Dreams

A tip on how to use your dreams to read the future is to start recording your dreams every morning. At first you might not remember your dreams, but as soon as you wake up write down any thoughts or feelings you had that night. You’ll begin to see patterns in your dreams and waking life. Pay particular attention to the people in your dreams: did you dream of someone you never met before meeting them? When we dream of people we’ve never met and there’s a STRONG feeling of love, are we having soul mate dreams before meeting our soul mates?

Can you dream of someone you never met and then meet them? Are you dreaming of your soul mate?

Deja Vu: Can You Dream of Someone You Never Met?

When we dream we always have other people there with us. Sometimes their faces are blurred or they seem familiar but we can’t place them. Sometimes they’re obviously people we know in real life – a family member, friend, neighbor, colleague, etc. Often it’s just a familiar presence, without a face or body. So how do we know these vague dream-people are people we’ve yet to meet and not just a figment of our imaginations?

How to Tell You’re Having Soul Mate Dreams

Write down any conversations with this dream-person, how they make you feel. It’s possible this vague person in your dream is one of your soul mates’ astral doubles (dream-selves) searching for you. Our astral doubles go ahead of us to meet people and prepare a way for the future.

Next, take note of how frequently this person shows up in your dreams. These soul mate dreams may be premonitions of meeting your soul mate. OR your soul mate is literally walking into your dreams or you into theirs. When you meet your soul mate in waking life, you’ll know him/her immediately. There will be a strong feeling of deja vu. That urge inside is your soul confirming what it already knows. It’s likely one of you will even say, “I feel like we’ve met before”. Or “I feel like I know you from somewhere”.

Soul Mate Dreams After Loss

Maybe you lost one of your soul mates. Maybe the two of you couldn’t remedy your differences and your romantic relationship had to end. Or perhaps, sadly, your soul mate passed away and is now in the spirit realm. I believe wholeheartedly that you can still dream of your soul mate after they are no longer physically present, whether by distance or dimension. If you’ve gone through a breakup, and you’re still seeing your soul mate in your dreams, it might be he or she is dream walking into yours. You might still have an energetic cord connecting the two of you. And, truthfully, if you belong to the same soul group, you’ll end up seeing each other again in another life or in the afterlife.

If you’re dreaming of a soul mate who has died, they are on the other side telling you they are okay. Or perhaps they’re even comforting and protecting you. If this is the case, there will be other signs. Here’s a list of signs your deceased loved one is trying to contact you from the other side.

Is It Your Soul Mate or Spirit Guide?

Everyone has a spirit guide that helps them through life. They show up in your dreams to give you messages of encouragement or to teach lessons. Or to comfort us. The spirit guide you had as a child will be the one you have the rest of your life. If the same person is always in your dreams, but you can’t place them, it’s also possible it’s your spirit guide and not your soul mate. Then how do you know when you’re having soul mate dreams versus spirit guide dreams? Ask your spirit guide to reveal him/herself in your dreams. Ask him/her if they are your soul mate, too, or just your spirit guide. They will confirm through dreams or by sending signs in waking life (through nature signs, random conversations, TV Shows, songs, etc.) Don’t worry. Your soul mate (probably multiple soul mates) will come.

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84 thoughts on “Soul Mate Dreams: Can You Dream of Someone You Never Met?

  1. One year ago I had a dream about my soulmate I think.The dream was beging with me leaving a classroom and go on the hall.Was so many people there but for 2-3 seconde i saw a blur face in the crowd and then I was going after him.He was still standing in that crowd but when I meet him I hug him first and we smile at each other and than we kiss.I was trying to see his face in the moment we kiss but like because of the sun was so bright on his face I wasn’t allow to see like nothing from his face.In the dream I aproximately we were like a high school couple..he was 17-19 years old and I was like 16.He was having bloond hair,muscle on his arms and verry tall like 180-200 cm.He was dressing with blue jeans and a white shirt.I don’t know exactly because of the sun blur but i think when we smile at each other he was having suh a beautiful smile like from the dentis page clinic,and probably light eyes but again I’m not 100 sure because of the blur sun.I was felling so happy,I think doesn’t exist words for that kind felling of happiness.Was so bright and pure i feell like I was happy from the bottom of my soul.I thought this is going to be just in the dream the happy felling but when I wake up I smile for like 1 hour even if I try to stop smiling because I was curious if I’m going stop smiling….I wasn’t…….I really want to know if this year I;m going to meet him or next because this year I’m turning 16…..

  2. I’ve started having these dreams since (maybe) late-2021, early-2022.
    They happen weekly and almost everyday. I remember every single dream vividly.
    The first dream was the strangest because leading up to it, every night, I became hyper aware that I was in a dream. But this one specific night I found myself in a stairwell. To my left was a doorway and in front of me stood a large window (it’s important to note that every single dream I’ve had carried the same atmosphere. It was always overcast, there was some sort of heaviness and I felt intense longing and yearning. I’ve never felt that before in my life). When I looked through the doorway I saw a room. At that point I thought to myself: “This is a dream”. A man appeared behind me, he leaned into my ear and said, “Don’t let them know that you know it’s a dream.” I looked at him, I felt this strange sense of familiarity, and at that exact moment I heard many footsteps coming from directly below and above us. In an instant this dream man grabbed me and pulled me through the doorway. The room that I had seen previously changed the moment we stepped over the threshold. We ran, entering through a doorway and the room being entirely different to what it was before entering. There are so many details that will take forever to write out.
    We appeared in an abandoned office. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking a cityscape. The sky was the most beautiful shade of gray. He looked around and pulled me down behind a desk. There were papers all over the place, desks were skewed and chairs were toppled over. It looked as if everyone had left I’m a panic. The room itself exuded this strange dark blue/gray light. The fluorescent lights weren’t on and if I had to guess I’d assume it was about 9pm.
    The footsteps that had been following us came to a stop and he peaked over the desk. He looked at me and that was the first time I saw him. I couldn’t see his face. Only his eyes. Everything was a blur except for his eyes. I felt a sudden and intense rush of emotions. The feeling of familiarity intensified dramatically, that nostalgic longing I felt grew heavier. I had never seen this man before. At all. But seeing his eyes I felt like I’ve known him forever. He felt real. Something about him felt so incredibly real. But I felt sad, heartbroken, I still don’t know why.
    He looked panicked. I was looking at him, still overcome with emotion and asked for his name. He didn’t give it to me. Instead he said: “You need to get out of here.”
    I asked what he meant and he repeated, “You need to get out of here.”
    “How?” I think it was the first time I was actually ‘in control’ in that dream. He looked down at me, the look in his eyes caused all of those feelings to intensify to the point it hurt.
    He said: “Wake up.” And next thing I know I woke up. I spent a solid 10 minutes crying. I don’t know why. I sunk into a depression shortly after. His eyes, that intense feeling of nostalgia, familiarity- longing didn’t leave. I dreamed about it many times after that. The atmosphere and his eyes the same as they always were. Shortly after those dreams I’d grow extremely sad.
    Mid-last year I was scrolling through my Discover page on Instagram and I had swiped down to reload the page and just before it refreshed I saw a picture that made my heart drop. The picture was of a man’s face, or st least a portion; the top half of his face, not even half. Just the area with his eyes and eyebrows. I was only able to look into his eyes for at least 2 seconds. The feeling of familiarity was sadder and I started crying. I still don’t know why I started crying as much as I did. When the page reset I felt my heart break because I was one click away from finding out who he was. I can still remember his eyes.
    At the beginning of April I had a dream that changed everything.
    I was standing on one end of an arena/pavilion of some sort- I don’t know the name.
    I saw a group of guys, couldn’t be anymore than six or seven. I felt drawn to the group so I made my way towards them. The atmosphere felt slightly different. It wasn’t as dark as it had been every time before. The moon lit up the pavilion.
    I reached the group and made my way up the cement steps. I approached them, one man was standing and the others were seated. (This dream was the first dream after at least a month or two of this man completely ghosting me).
    I greeted them and introduced myself. I looked to the left and saw a man with his face hidden beneath a cap. He was looking away. The group greeted me warmly and introduced themselves. Of the men only one seemed to be fluent in English, he had an accent but it wasn’t thick. The other men had thick accents but we were able to converse. I kept looking over at the man with the cap because, like every other dream, I was drawn to him. This was the first time I wasn’t aware that I was in a dream.
    The man standing noticed I was staring at the man and told him to greet me. He opened his mouth and spoke but I couldn’t hear his voice. It’s important to note that in the other dreams I couldn’t hear his voice. I couldn’t hear him but I knew what he was saying. It was strange. It’s like hearing an echo or the ghost of a voice if that makes sense.
    He didn’t look up, but rather kept his gaze fixated on the area to right.
    The group and I were chatting, joking around and for the most part we were laughing. I can’t remember what we spoke about or joked about. If I had written it down the moment I woke up, I may have been able to go into greater detail.
    After sometime the man that was standing looked at me and then at the others. The men began to stand.
    He said: “We have to go, but you should stay here and talk to him.” I was confused but he reiterated.
    “You should stay and talk to him. You two have a lot to talk about.”

    The group had left. The man who was standing had stopped a few feet away from us and looked at me. I still can’t place the expression he had.
    I turned to the guy who was now looking down. He was dressed in all black. He wore a black coat, a black shirt, black pants and black shoes- obviously with the black cap.
    I sat down next to him and attempted to peek under his hat but his face was a shadow. The familiarity and longing feeling grew stronger (I mention these feelings a lot but I can’t articulate how intense this was. It made and still makes my heart ache).
    I greeted him. He gave me a half-hearted ‘hello’, again I couldn’t hear his voice I just knew what he was saying.
    I introduced myself with a stupid grin on my face and he mumbled a ‘nice to meet you’.
    I asked him for his name. He turned his head towards me and I still couldn’t make out his face.
    “You don’t know who I am?” He asked in response I shook my head with the same stupid grin.
    He stood up abruptly and took his cap off. Dream-me was stunned. I instantly recognized his eyes. Not from the previous dreams, obviously seeing as this was the first time I wasn’t aware of it being a dream. My heart began to ache and then I studied his face. For the first time ever I saw his face. It’s still burned in my mind. I felt this feeling of immeasurable love. The air around us grew heavier as all of those previous feeling began to grow.
    He asked again: “You still don’t know who I am?” He came off as frustrated but I didn’t feel like it was directly aimed at me. Again I shook my head with a stupid grin on my face and said, “No.”
    He frowned and said, “You really don’t know who I am?” I shook my head, again.
    He took his coat off and threw it on top of his cap. He lifted his sleeve, it was the right arm and that’s when I noticed his tattoos. They went up his entire arm and onto his hand. I studied them and smiled.
    “Do you still not know who I am?” I looked at him confused.
    “Am I supposed to?” He stared at me for a second. I looked down again and studied his tattoos again. A few of them sticking out at me.
    I looked at him and asked: “What’s your name?” He looked at me thoughtfully, I still don’t know why he had to think on it.
    He gave me his name and that was the first time I heard his voice. I ACTUALLY heard his voice clearly. I can still hear it. He had an accent but i honestly cannot pinpoint it. I don’t know what I was most surprised by. His voice or his name.
    The atmosphere instantly lightened up as if the weight on my chest had been lifted. The familiarity was still there but it didn’t evoke sadness from me. Everything felt lighter. The moment he gave me his name it started to appear on his knuckles, as if it were a tattoo. His name was in large, bold font.
    I read his name out loud. Repeating it. Sounding out each letter carefully.
    I looked up and smiled.
    “Finally.” I don’t know why I said it but it just came out.
    “So you really don’t know who I am?” I shook my head again.

    After spending time looking at each other he sat down next to me. We were shoulder to shoulder. He exuded this aura, this warmth and this feeling of love.
    We spent a lot of time joking around and talking. I heard his laugh and it felt like I was experiencing life with new senses. Everything seemed brighter and happier.
    After spending that time joking and talking he got up and looked at me. To this day I can’t place the look in his eyes. They were sad.
    He said: “I have to go. The others are waiting for me.” I stood up and watched him.
    “If you’re not going anywhere, you should come and watch us.” I nodded and watched him leave. He stopped a few feet away and looked back at me. He smiled and waved. Then, I started feeling myself wake up. I looked at his disappearing figure with a heavy heart and then I woke up.
    Immediately I began to cry and noted down what I remembered.
    The key tattoos: He had a weird shape on his hand. Letters on his hand. He had a skull hand on his forearm.
    I don’t remember anything about his name other than it started with a “J”.
    I also remember small details like the beauty spots on his cheek/cheekbone. I have three on the same side in the shape of a triangle (I call it the Bermuda triangle) he did too, but mine aren’t as largely spaced as his and aren’t as dark as his. He had a beauty spot on his neck, as do I. But his sits lower than mine. He has a beauty spot on his ear, the same as me but mine sits closer to my earlobe whereas his sits closer towards the inside of the ear. I have one inside my ear on my conch, his is placed just before the ear dents in. I’m sure I saw a beauty spot on his nose. I have one in the corner of my nostril but I can’t recall where his was. I only remember it not being near the nostril at all.

    After that I started to, funny enough, think about possible reasons for these dreams and who he was. Was this an alternate reality that I was and have been flung into? Was this my soulmate in this plane communicating with me through his dreams? That we have similar beauty spots because we’re connected, somehow, from a past life? Was this even a soulmate? Was this my subconscious?
    I feel in my heart it wasn’t the latter.

    I fear I’ll never have answers and I spend every day hoping that I’ll bump into this man. Perhaps meeting him will answer all of my questions. I feel meeting him, if he’s real, will change my life.

    1. I met her last night just after visiting the lower realm. I found a gap from there and immediately knew I had crossed the threshold to the upper plane.
      There were people walking up and down the sidewalks of this slightly suburban looking astral plane. The uv light was much more significant than it is in the lower levels. For some reason my spirit stopped by two ladies walking down the sidewalk on the right hand side towards me. I said hey I’m Ryan and the one woman paused and said “what’s your name?” I said it might be ekiko ” due to a friend giving me that name at a festival”. She said “no your name is Ryan, come with me right now.” I don’t quite remember where we went or how but we were alone together in what seemed to be the upper room of a house in the same realm. She then proceeded to ask me why I didn’t come to her immediately. For some reason I told her I was “just in hell a bit a go” and for some reason she understood that but then said, “what about all the other times?” And I said I was on earth. And she said with a smug gesture. ” you’re on earth right now”…. and I felt bad and confused and stunned at the same time….and I still do…right now…
      I’m just saying, we might have forgotten our partners in the mix of everything, but they sure as can be haven’t forgotten about us….
      She’s stunning by the way, skin like molasses, almond eyes dark as night. Attitude I can’t fight. She loves me through and through. She understands what I’m dealing with better than I do. She waits for me through scales I can’t concieve. And in darkness I believe. We will be seen. Again I’ll dream.

  3. I’ve dreamt of my soul mate and I in a blue room. He leaned down towards me and I forget what happened. I’m hearing “embraced” and sensing whispering in my ears. I remember darkish curly hair and tanned skin. He looked like me but a male version, I get the sense he was my other half. I hear him talking to me in a voice that doesn’t belong to me. Sounds crazy, but I know what I know.

  4. I had a dream where I was in highschool (I’m in middle school) and this guy ran up to me and hugged me. He had blonde hair, and I could tell he’s a jock. A random beanbag appeared and we layed down and started cuddling. I have a feeling it was my crush at the time but I also don’t think so because he isn’t gonna go to my highschool so I really don’t know who it was but I am interested to find out who the guy in that dream was, and if he is possibly my soulmate or at least a future boyfriend.

    1. Do you mind posting this for me in the comment section,it’s my first time on this site and I can’t find the comment button

      I dreamt about a girl when I was in highschool,I met her in University,she told me it feels like we have met before, everything that happened in my dream came true,she gave me the most healthy relationship I have ever had…but I have been in Soo many toxic relationships I didn’t realize my defense mechanisms where pushing her away my first thre months I dreamt she would leave me and I would be devastated,I woke up and went back to sleep I dreamt we got back together but I had to leave my old lifestyle behind,I woke up and went to sleep again and then I dreamt her and I got married,I told her about it…1 year 8 months later she left me exactly the way she left me in the dream,that was 3 weeks ago…I always easily move on when a relationship ends,but this time I begged and tried to get her back because of these dreams….I don’t know if I’m having premonitions or I might be a nut case…I’m done with University and I went looking for an apartment because I work near her University now my former University..I couldn’t find a single Available house or apartment apart from the one I saw her get back with me in my dreams….I am Soo scared because I never knew I could love someone like this ..should I walk away and avoid a tragic heart break…or follow the path and confirm whether they are premonitions or I’m just mad

      1. Follow your dreams. I had one about my soulmate and I one day and I lived out my dream. Now we’re a family and always look towards a future together. Our bond is something I’ve never experienced before, him either.

  5. Sometimes you just know, feelings are different in your dreams. I’m not sure but I think I just fell in love with my soulmate. I just work up from my dream. It seems so real. I immediately look up and start searching what this dream might mean. He is very tall over 6ft, he is light-skinned. I am 5’4, petite, long hair, tan skin. I was calling out his name in my dream. I dreamt I was in a crowded place and he just shows up. There is a crowd of people around us and I look up at him. He’s so tall, like basketball ball player tall and I tell him “hey, I’ve been looking for you”, he smiles and takes my hand. We go off into this other area, we are hanging out, holding hands. I feel this strong connection. Love. Deep within me. I would cross heaven and earth for him feeling. Then we are standing side by side looking out into a scenery and he looks over at me and asks me, “if I give you some time like a month can you put yourself in order and come out to be with me”. I looked at him with love and joy in my eyes and I tell him, I can do that in just a few weeks, yes! In this dream we hugged, we became inseparable. I had a feeling of not wanting to ever leave his side. We suddenly were in this another realm changing our clothes from our day and I felt like I needed to be close to him, hug him, stare into his eyes and as I was doing that, I woke up. I’ve never felt so connected to this man, my tall, handsome, brown-haired, brown blueish eyes, light skin soulmate. I will find you one day. I know you’re somewhere out there, but somewhere fall away. This feeling will never end in me to look and wait for you..xo

    1. I’ve felt that way too. I’ve fallen in love with someone in my dreams. It hurts so much when you wake up because you wanted it to be real so bad. I don’t think I’ve actually seen his face, but I know he has black hair, he’s taller, and I think he has blue eyes. These dreams started last year when I finally blocked my ex and deleted his number. All my dreams took place in NY, and it’s funny cause I was in LA at the time. I was planning on moving there but the plan wasn’t 100% yet. Just to be clear, I did move to NY in August. Honestly I kinda expected I would meet this person that I keep dreaming about but I haven’t. It makes me sad, and I’m starting to doubt if it all really means anything. I love the dreams, I wish I could absorb myself in them all day but it kinda just hurts. It’s just as you said, I feel so connected to this person. I don’t know how to describe it. I had this one dream were we were chasing each other and dancing. The dream felt so free, and it was like this thing inside me was ignited and floating. There was so much surety just for it to not be real. It’s like finding your perfect half, and then walking up to them not being real. It’s funny, because I used to never be interested in love or relationships. I was a strict hookup person, and I hated intimacy. Now I stopped having hookups (more for personal reasons tbh) and part of me is desiring something intimate, but not necessarily a relationship

  6. Leaving this here in case this is real and my soulmate truly did meet me in a dream.. I just woke up from the most surreal experience. Incredibly vivid dream. I even went to sleep and woke up within the dream. This is an excerpt from dream journal from the end of the dream: “ Fast forward to later in the night I’m sitting on a bed upstairs(bunk bed?) with my head against a window behind me, the first girl is crying in another bed across from me, the new girl is comforting her, I lay my head back and completely lose all sense of time, wake up in an instant and it’s the morning. Everyone are in their same places, a couple of the other girls are up, I say whoa what time is it, 7, I say I need to leave, I go to the bathroom, take my hat off, my head is scarred, hair is coming off and looks awful, my face in the mirror, start to tear up slightly, I know that no one will want to be with me. New girl walks in to the bathroom, I quickly cover up and recover, we make and hold eye contact. We hug, remembering the connection from the night before. We turn and look at each other in the mirror. I’m about to say goodbye and that I’m sorry for the situation the previous night. She starts to take her wig off. I turn and look at her, shocked, I take my hat off, we are both overwhelmed and start crying, hugging. We both know we’ve found each other. One of the other girls knocks on the bathroom, we both cover up and recover quickly. We share a glance as we walk out. I know everything will be ok.”

    I woke up feeling like I had met a real person. I don’t how to describe it. I went from depression and apathy as a normal state of life to instant, soul-ripping renewal of feeling and overwhelming love and sadness at the same time (that I likely won’t ever meet this person). I never have dreams like this and never come on sites like this. If this is real, and I actually did meet an “astral double” or some crazy shit and if you’re reading this, please leave a comment here.

  7. I believe I’ve met my soulmate. He is everything I’ve ever wanted: the same interests, loves the same food I do, tan, fast, athletic, and handsome. I call on my deity for automatic drawing for seeing who my soulmate is, and he is in the drawing every time. I met him a few months ago.

    1. That’s great!
      I had many dreams too, about some guy named…Amden? I haven’t had any recently and that doesn’t even seem like a real name lol.

  8. Im now 17 but have been dreaming of this man since I was 12 which seems ridiculous. when I was younger before I got into witch things and dream interoperation I was very confused and just thought it was my ideal man. Now years later I know more and can have stronger feelings. I have a loving boyfriend who Ive been with for over a year now he’s amazing but something is just missing. I thought it was him because in the dreams I know what he looks like but when I wake up I remember a blur which makes sense since your brain can’t make up a face, with green eyes and brown hair and a golden retriever personality. My boyfriend fits the looks but he’s got a very shy personality so I know it isn’t him. I feel terrible almost as if Im cheating because in the past year Ive grown to love this dream boy. Its frustrating but lately I feel like its coming, the dreams are more vivid. They’re all just normal dreams like a date, prom, watching a movie. Today at cheer I lost my promise ring my boyfriend gave me…. Im honestly scared and I feel like Im going crazy. Someone please help

    1. The crazy thing is I am experiencing this too at 27. I felt like I was alone because I kept it a secret for a while. In 2014 I was living in LA and I was just talking to myself of what I wanted in a life partner. I had the craziest dream of meeting this guy with darker skinned complexion, curly/kinky hair, and a nice smile but it was still a bit blurry and I met him in my abnormal psychology class because I apparently I had to retake it and I even freaked out in the dream because I never really retook classes like that lol. Weirdly enough when I was living in LA I was taking abnormal psych but nobody really screamed out to me in that class that looked like guy in the the dream. Next year, I moved to Phoenix and just ran away from home( yes super dramatic lol) and ended up transferring schools. When I talked to my school counselor coincidentally she told me that I have to take abnormal psych because the credits couldn’t transfer over from the community college in California. The classroom was literally set up like the one in my dream, a medium/big lecture hall. In the middle of the semester I noticed a guy that literally looked like him in my class. All of a sudden I started noticing that this guy is in 3 out of 4 of my classes and we were in the same major ( no our majors weren’t psychology so it was weird ). I told a friend in my undergrad that I noticed this guy is in a lot of my classes and she jokingly said that he is my soulmate. In one of my classes I turned and he would just deeply stare at me for a good minute. As the semesters were passing by I noticed him staring at me, I caught him following me several times and I noticed he was always in the same area in the library as I was and whenever I got up, he got up too. My final semester and last time I ever saw him he ended up choosing the seat next to me and I awkwardly told him good luck on the exam..yes it was bad lol and he got shy and turned away. I ended up actually going on social media and he ended up with another girl( ouch) lol. I got upset and I was going through a weird journey of losing my toxic friends and I had to distance myself from my emotionally abusive family. I ended up finding love and he is about 9 years older than me. I met him when I was 23. Long story short..well its kind of a long story lol. I am still with my current partner but I feel I might be losing the connection with him and I am starting to go on a different path. For several months I have been having dreams of the guy for months and always telling me that he wishes he was with me and not another girl. I had a few readings done and they all told me the same thing…we have a strong soul connection and he thinks about me more then I imagine and that we are supposed to be with each other but not right now because we both need to grow..and mind you this is from every single reader I tried . It left me in confusion and puzzled a lot with my current connection. Right now only time will tell. I don’t think you are going crazy. I am going with the flow and what is meant to be will. I think I am still on this path of having what I want in my life. I hope the story helped. Take care Ruby.

  9. I feel my soulmate coming. I know in my soul he is close by. He has dark black hair. Wavy almost curly. He’s 6’1 tan. Brown eyes. Almost angelic. Very handsome. He spoke to me many times in different dreams that we will meet soon. He called himself J. Or Jay. Maybe short for Jason idk. When he kisses me in my dream it’s magic. During the day I see angle numbers all the time. 1111 222 333. It’s gotten crazy this month. I know he’s close by. I can’t wait to meet him.

  10. I’m happy to see so many similar experiences to mine. In the article the line “Feeling a STRONG feeling of love” stood out to me. For many years now I had felt like there was someone out there I had a strong connection with and was meant to meet. I was having dreams of a guy I didn’t know and feeling those strong feelings of love whenever he was in them. Then when I got into a relationship , I tried to push away the feeling of someone being out there cuz I shouldn’t feel that when in a relationship. When I ended up breaking up with the guy, the feelings came on much stronger and I had the dreams more frequently. That’s when I realized that the person from my dreams and the one I feel is out there in the waking world are the same person.
    Though I haven’t been able to get a clear view of him. I know the feeling when he’s around as it’s very powerful and I love it. I want to be with him and I wake up in a good mood when having the dreams, even if brief. But as for appearance, I’ve seen long black bangs above me as he hugged me from behind. I’ve mostly seen him with black hair but odd thing is sometimes I’ll see him with red hair too. His eye color is unclear too. Sometimes blue, sometimes light brown but usually I don’t see them at all (I’m an aspie so eye contact is hard in dreams too I guess lol).
    But one dream I had was a literal string tied to our fingers connecting us. I may have gotten his name but I’m unsure. It was Alex.
    But the most noteworthy dream was the most recent one. It was the other night actually. I didn’t see the guy but felt him there with me as I felt that strong familiar feeling of powerful love. Though for some reason when questioning who was talking, my dream self had called out my ex’s name questioningly. I got a “no” in return. So I asked “Who are you?” There was a pause, then with some hesitance in his voice, he said “You don’t know me. But you will soon. I promise.”
    That was interesting cuz like, does he know something I don’t? Is he aware of the soulmate thing/ remembers his dreams and is searching for me too?
    Though unfortunately I also have occasional nightmares with a girl who is always the same and in stark contrast I feel an overwhelming feeling of HATE coming from her. And she’s always coming after me or being passive aggressive. I’ve had plenty of nightmares where the dreams don’t really feel different. But with these, they feel very different. Just like with the soulmate but opposite.
    Usually I don’t have the two together in one dream but it happened once and it was bad… I saw the guy in destress. I went closer and saw he was crying. I looked down and saw my own mangled body in gruesome detail. I then felt that feeling of hate again and felt her right behind me before I woke up. That one threw me off guard cuz I usually don’t dream of gruesome detail like that.
    Makes me wonder in both cases if it’s dream walkers or my subconscious trying to sabotage me. The main thing is just how different the dreams feel with either in it. Also a couple friends online have told me they started having dreams of the same girl. I’ve stopped for a bit. It jumped from me to another person and then to another. And the one who is getting them currently is reporting waking up with red marks on her neck. But all reported the feelings of hate.
    Anyway kinda got off topic but I do hope to meet my soulmate/ the person I feel a connection with in my dreams. I prefer those dreams over the hateful nightmares. Apparently I have all the signs of meeting my soulmate soon according to websites. And my ex had almost all the signs of a “false soulmate”, which I guess comes right before a true soulmate.
    Thanks for reading~

    1. reading yours really stood out to me you pretty much described me lol. i have red hair and blue eyes and my name is alex.

  11. I saw a soulmate dream and it was very detailed. I got the name and surname of the girl and searched it on ig and tiktok. Well it is the same fucking person. She is the same age and 100% same looking. She also lives really close to the place where she lived in my dream wich is 375km away. How is this possible?

    1. It could be real…read this and also,Do you mind posting this for me in the comment section,it’s my first time on this site and I can’t find the comment button

      I dreamt about a girl when I was in highschool,I met her in University,she told me it feels like we have met before, everything that happened in my dream came true,she gave me the most healthy relationship I have ever had…but I have been in Soo many toxic relationships I didn’t realize my defense mechanisms where pushing her away my first thre months I dreamt she would leave me and I would be devastated,I woke up and went back to sleep I dreamt we got back together but I had to leave my old lifestyle behind,I woke up and went to sleep again and then I dreamt her and I got married,I told her about it…1 year 8 months later she left me exactly the way she left me in the dream,that was 3 weeks ago…I always easily move on when a relationship ends,but this time I begged and tried to get her back because of these dreams….I don’t know if I’m having premonitions or I might be a nut case…I’m done with University and I went looking for an apartment because I work near her University now my former University..I couldn’t find a single Available house or apartment apart from the one I saw her get back with me in my dreams….I am Soo scared because I never knew I could love someone like this ..should I walk away and avoid a tragic heart break…or follow the path and confirm whether they are premonitions or I’m just mad

  12. I’ve had dreams about two different people who feel like potential soulmates, the first one i kept dreaming of for a few months back in march up until july, he was a guy and i can’t remember his face but i can remember the feeling of his arms around me and his hair perfectly. I ended up meeting someone like that in early july who ended taking my v-card. But last night….i met another soulmate, she was a girl, she was so beautiful and amazing and she immediately gave me butterflies. i remember her face although i couldn’t quite catch her name. We were all camping with a group of friends and we already had something going on, idk what but it wasn’t a relationship yet, and i got mad and left the group and when i came to say my goodbyes to the group (not expecting her or anyone to follow me at all because no one ever does) she was standing there. with her backpack. waiting for the both of us to leave. i looked her in the eyes and immediately went soft and said “you’d come with me?” she said “of course i would follow you to the ends of the earth i’m not leaving you alone” and then we traveled. i cant explain the happiness i felt around her and how happy i was that i had finally found my one and someone to fill the missing puzzle piece of my heart. so was this one of my soulmates or just a dream? i still remember the dream by heart and i heard sometimes when you remember dreams it’s a sign. idk tho

  13. I’ve been having detailed dreams at the age of 15 and I would have fun in my dreams and whenever I would get close to another person a guy specifically I would get dragged away and then I’m with another guy that I feel deeply connected to, I feel safe and secured around him like nothing bad would happen. I would constantly dream but he’ll always be around me and if someones about to touch me he’ll be there, almost as if he’s jealous. I would ask him to leave me alone because I have become aware in my dreams that I’m dreaming. He left me alone for six whole months and I met him at this random party but he was watching me from the corner with his friends.
    I remember one dream where I was with 2 kids that called me mommy and I had to get them to someone that they called “daddy” I was confused as to why they calling me that but didn’t think much about it. I felt connected to the kids as if I had to protect them. The girl was about 6 years old and the boy was 4 years old. I made it my mission to get them to their father because we felt as if we were being watched and as if people wanted the kids. I got them to their dad and I saw it was him and got a shock which made me wake up.
    I’ve had random dreams and he’ll always be there making me feel safe but as soon as ill get close to him ill feel this connection I never felt before, it’s intoxicating, overwhelming but I like it, he’s mysterious.
    Last night I dreamt of me being with a group of people I don’t know but we went on a holiday. It felt real and I was having fun and he was there but I was distracted by other things around me. I remember this boy on the trip would try flirting with me but this mysterious guy would always come in and block him but this time he wouldn’t pull me away from the setting. We would have outings like on a weird boat and pool parties but he’ll always be alone. I noticed weird things about the place we were staying especially of how the water would feel on our body and how things just felt different. I spoke to some of the girls in the bathroom if they felt it too and they agreed. ( it is almost as if I made them aware that they dreaming as well) We pushed this aside and we had another 2 days at this place at but the setting changed and we went to a night pool party. I wasn’t fond of it and took a seat opposite this mysterious guy and asked him if it feels as if something bad would happen. He then stood up and called someone and which made everyone scream and leave the place. I helped and I was one of the last people in it. I got told by one of the men with guns that I need to leave but I couldn’t without him so I ran back and looked for him. One of the guys said something in Spanish and it sounded like they were talking about a bomb. I then ran out of the place and saw HIM waiting for me holding something up for me to climb down and I ran back into the place closed the door thinking that it will stop the explosion a bit. I then ran to him and as soon as I fell in his arms I realized it was the guy that showed up constantly in my dreams. We then ran down the block and waited but the guys with guns came out speaking in Spanish which I don’t understand but the Mysterious guy did. He walked to the men and I called him and said “Daniel or what ever your name is can you tell me whats going on” , I was aware that his name wasnt Daniel but people called him something that stared with a D. He looked back at me and blocked my view from the people but he ignored me.
    The last night we spent together at this place, it was just him and I together but I felt close with him and I got a glimpse of him smiling at me, I felt sexually attracted to him and intimate to him now.
    Things were different this time because I could see him more than than I could before. He looks angelic, like he could model, he has a plump lips a small nose and thick dark eyelashes with black hair.
    I keep coming across this man but I never met him but I feel as if I need to be with him. I feel a pull towards him.
    I tried my best to explain this but can someone please explain what this means. I’ve been having these dreams for almost 3 years now (I’m 17 now).
    Please let me know if this is all just my imagination or if it could mean something more.

    1. last night i dreamt of her. She is my classmate. We never talk to each other as i just change school. But i dreamt that we were hugging, kiss her on the cheek and it was like we were waiting for so long to meet. I felt like it was the best feeling like happiness at such great extent. But i don’t know if she is my soulmate. But the other time i dreamt of one of my crush but i didn’t feel the way, like i felt meeting the girl in my class. Her name is Grace. Before sleeping i told myself that today i need to see my soulmate and i actually dream of her and i don’t even have a crush on her and she was like really happy to see me.
      I think the guy that you are talking about maybe your soulmate. Cuz like you dreamt of him for 3 years and you might be meeting him soon

  14. So I had a dream about this boy and I remember the setting was a baseball Field I’m pretty sure and I remember saying to him that his eyes are ike the ocean and later on I was on FaceTime with my best friend she added he boy best friend to the call immediately I thought this was the boy in my dream and what I thought was weird is I never met this boy in my life so when we all FaceTimed all I thought was he was in my dream so something else that was weird my best friends other best friend also said to the boy I had a dream about that his eyes are like the ocean and so after that I just started to catch feelings so I don’t know could he be my soul mate?

  15. I just had a meeting in my dream with someone who claimed he was my soulmate and said we were going to end up getting married. He was persistent and invasive but not in a bad way and though I feigned mild offense, I was intrigued by him. He seemed to genuinely care about me and had a very free spirit. This came after I was stood up by my recently ex-boyfriend. I don’t know what to think. I usually remember my dreams in bits and pieces but this one is very vivid and still fresh in my imagination. Although, I didn’t get a clear picture of his face so I don’t know what he looks like. I’m having mixed feelings about everything now.

  16. In my dream, I remember that I was working somewhere I have not known before then suddenly I see a pretty and friendly girl nearby at that moment she see me and we look at each other face to face, then she smiles at me and on that moment I knew that she’s might be my true love, we get up close to each other and she continued smiling and hug me tight, it was the best feeling I ever felt and I feel like we have known each other before although I never met or have met her in real life, all I know is that I feel calm relax and comfortable around her, The last thing I remember is that she asked me if I can lift her, so I hold her tight and lift her from the ground and she’s really happy, I can’t describe how joyful she was when I hold her tight, and then at the end of my dream we hold each other hand and walk together, then I wake up from my dream.

    1. Bro, i literally dream the same thing. She is one of my classmate. But we never talk to each other. She hugged me tightly and i kissed her on the cheek. It was like the best feeling in the world, feeling of true happiness maybe.

  17. I had a dream of a beautiful woman that was wearing blue native Mexican regalia like an Aztec or something, I just looked at her with awe and felt love like never before. We hugged and I said are we married? She didn’t say anything but a baby grizzly bear ran through her and me as it was saying “dad”. Few weeks later I ended up in a hospital in Yakima Washington. I ended up there because I was taking two full tablespoons of Haritaki powder a day and smoking tons of Mugwort along with fasting. The recommend amount of Haritaki is 1/2 a Teaspoon. Also on top of that I was into that New Age Spirituality that led me getting possessed not too long later until I found Jesus Christ. Anyways while I was in the hospital I hadn’t really slept until I got there and I slept almost two days. I was walking out my room and down the hallway in this place called the sun room or something like that I seen her and everything was in slow motion I was stunned by her beauty and resonance I felt. I felt so much familiarity It was like staring into a mirror. I had a telepathic communication with this woman but my mind was all over the place I couldn’t really ever truly focus on anything I would easily get too excited to be around her at first. When we first laid eyes on each other I heard her say will you marry me, in my heart I said yes but mentally all I could just say was wow. I don’t know if I could talk to her telepathically but she definitely could talk to me telepathically. We have similar interests and goals in life but she was the better version of me. She showed where I was weak and it honestly kind of scared me. Lol one time I ran to the lunch room because the love was so genuine and resonate to me. Dang although I wish I left on a better note because before I left that facility my mind was getting worse from different meds I was switching to on and off I was saying some alarming things and I genuinely felt like commiting suicide after I left. But her last words to me were to carry Love not Hate. That kept me going after I left the facility I didn’t take the medication and my mind was starting to see more and more different things. I didn’t sleep and my mind would run too fast like a super computer or something, I would see patterns in everything and everything was like the matrix. Also my eyesight was very very good for some odd reason. I was on a family trip to Seattle right when I got out too which was definitely a trip. That’s a whole story in it’s self. When we were driving back to Montana my mom bought some pretty strong Edibles in Washington somewhere to make me fall asleep because I was talking too much. I took 6 of those edible square yellow soft candies, whew that stuff was crazy strong. My mind switched and I was left handed then I had to switch back by retracing any movement I did perfectly. Then I felt so down that I was fighting a battle for my conscience I about lost about 11 times. I would snap out of it for 10 seconds or so then back down to this hell of an experience. I was speaking Kootenai with fluency and I barely know any of my Native language 15 words at most. I was singing ancient Native Songs with a voice that was definitely not mine. Very big shock to me. That’s when I believe I became possessed by many spirits. I ended up in another hospital in Missoula Mt about two weeks later and after I thought I was good until I went to church. I felt my face changing like a veil was being lifted or something and the whole church seen it. I got prayed over and I lost control of myself like I was sitting backseat of my own car and these spirits were doing whatever. I felt so much stuff in my throat I couldn’t talk or breath I didn’t know what to do and the pastor said cough it out. And I was coughing all these spirits out and it was the craziest feeling of all them coming out my stomach through my mouth. Could barely cough them out. I was gonna call for a timeout but I was like naw I got this eventually huffed and puffed them out. I think something was still inside me while the pastor put his hand by my stomach I felt like I was gonna have food go through my digestive system and I didn’t want that to happen. He kept praying then he said just let go and I felt like my soul was leaving my body and I thought he meant astral projection and I said I’ll do it on my own smh. Then it was over he told me I was a going to be a great warrior and I felt the holy spirit inside me and I felt light like never before. Man I’ve never felt so spiritually and physically great in my life after my deliverance. Anyways Ive might of went off track but yeah I’ve met my soulmate in a dream before I actually met her. Also I don’t take any medication as my mind is completely fine now praise Jesus. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her though. I just gotta make sure I’m ready spiritually and financially to take care and protect myself and a future family. Then maybe she’ll come around one day holeh.

  18. Thanks for the article.
    My dream was about a girl I have never met. The connection we had was on so many levels and the experiences we each had in life were almost a mirror. It was so incredible. Trouble is I have some confusion what this means. We are only ripples in a pond and our ripples will come into contact with other ripples. Is this dream about a Soul mate? A person who will come into my life? Or am I being a mirror to myself and showing that I am beautiful, supported and to provide that for myself too? A feeling like this cannot be ignored. I feel selfish when I say that it made me reconsider the relationship I have with my current partner and the never ending challenges I face with her. We have a loving family, but there is something that could take way too many years to unravel all her issues and social anxiety that life will pass me by trying to help her. I know this is selfish, but I have had a life of trauma from sexual abuse as a child, kidnapped and abused, foster homes, back to living with mum and the constant moving around. I had hit rock bottom well before I met my partner and had rebuilt myself. I see her going through something and it’s not my journey to dictate or guide, I need to let her take this path and grow from it herself. Will she hit rock bottom? I don’t know, maybe.
    Does she have a support network around her? There is me and only me. This weighs heavily. My support network is only in my sister’s, though we all share similar stories so we can guide each other through that as it is shared experience.
    With my partner she grew up in what most would call a perfectly “Normal” life and her challenges are on a different scale. Yes you cannot measure one’s pain and trauma against another, but my experiences as a child were intense and caused me to develop coping mechanisms and strategies to get me out of most situations or to plan moving at pace.
    Thanks for providing me a space to unravel my dream and I think it’s clear what I need to work on.

    1. Same and she told me her name, it was Amy. I’ve dreamed of her before in different scenarios but I really think she’s near me, tbh I’m just really confused rn.

  19. i just woke up from a beautiful dream. i can’t remember the context exactly as it is all a blur, we were participating in a Japanese game & suddenly we had a ball room dance or something. I had gotten close to this one guy, through conversing and having the same sense of humour with him. I just knew i had butterflies in my stomach instantly. Afterwards, we had to change into our ballroom outfit. I thought he had gone to the ball with someone else. But just when i look up, he was waiting for me. He then told me, ” i really like you you know?” And i responded the same. He took my glasses off gently and we passionately kissed. His father saw and was not happy as wanted to marry him off to someone rich. But he did not give a damn. Now i’m having post-depression sleep :’)

  20. Ok, since the last year I’ve been dreaming about this guy. I feel like I know him forever (and he looks like an – famous – actor). The first dream that I can remember we were sitting on a couch watching tv and the sunset, but actually, we were looking into each other eyes and smiling because he was caring about my belly – I was PREGNANT!!! The feeling was magical, all I can think right now is love and adoration. I was so happy. In another dream, I’d won an award in an event and he and his friends came and congratulated me. What award, I don’t know. All I can remember was my anxiety, the cheers, and the tears. The last night I dreamed of him again, we were dancing and laughing. Was so romantical. Every time I’m with him all I can feel is happiness, he supports me in every single way. He’s sweet and kind, I already love him so much.

  21. Interesting article. I keep having a dream with the same guy in it for I wanna say a couple months now. It’s just about every night except for a week without n he setting him. I know what he looks like and what his voice sounds like considering we’ve had brief conversations. At first, I thought it was my guardian angel, but then in most recent dreams he seems to protect me from harm. About a week ago, I somehow saw a photo which looked exactly like the guy in m my dreams and I could’ve sworn I’ve seen that photo years ago in an ad or something, but reverse image showed search nothing. I have never met or spoken to that person, so maybe it’s both my angel and soulmate 🤷‍♀️. I’ve been asking in my prayers for more clarification and well, various signs have come up. I guess time shall tell if I meet this person.

  22. So for well over a year I’ve been having dreams about this guy I’ve never met. I can’t describe him in detail, except for he has brown eyes and hair, other than that it’s pretty blurry. His name isn’t very clear but every time he’s in my dream I’m happier with his presence but there’s always some sort of situation making our relationship complicated but he does whatever he can to avoid having to go away. Like last night he was in my room (in my dream) and he was completely silent until I said something to him, and before I gave him attention I was with people but they disappeared when he and I started talking. He was living in my house but my parents kicked him out for some reason and he would sneak over to see me as much as possible. It’s blurry now but when I was dreaming it was all very vivid and clear.

  23. i’ve been dreaming of the same guy for the past few days, all i know is that he has curly hair and is dark skinned, his presence is so comforting and something i’ve never felt with anyone, i’ve had so much fun with him but i can’t put his face together, i feel like i haven’t met him before but i hope i do someday. (Im also gonna try to ask my spirit guides<3)

  24. Ok so I had this dream where I was at this house i didn’t recognize it but I could tell it was my home and I was very sad and upset but then this guy came(I couldn’t put a face on him) and I remember he comforted me and spent time with me and made me happy and then at the end he gave me the best hug and it felt so real and then left and since then I can’t stop thinking about it and I want to dream about him again idk if it’s my spirit guide or what but I wanna know.

  25. I’ve had dreams since I was a little girl of the same person. He has aged with me throughout my life. I’ve only dreamt of him around 5 times in my life but he IS the same person I’ve dreamt about each time and the love and happiness ive felt each time ive dreamt of him stayed with me upon waking and throughout the day. The last dream I had was a couple of nights ago. I was cradled in his arms and the safety and security I felt was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I know I will meet him one day and I’m very happy and excited for that day!!!

    1. You are one of the very few people who dream like me. I’ve never met her but she’s grown with me in my dreams. I’ve dreamt of her since I was four (I’m 39 btw). I say her name all the time in my dreams but when I awake I can never remember it. It’s like my mind scrubs any kind of contact info(except what she looks like) while I’m awake. In my dreams she’s my wife though I’m not married and have never met her in real life. I know exactly what she looks like. I’ve posted about her on Reddit r/dreaminterpretation [my user name is litj982]. The post is “Does anyone else have a recurring lifelong dream partner that they’ve never met in real life”. I’m looking for others like me to try to understand why we dream what we dream.

  26. I had a dream about my 2 daughters and my boyfriend so I was heading to my boyfriend’s apartment and I was going up these stairs and every time I went up I would worry cause one of my daughters Ava was on the outside of a railing across from me on the left side walking the opposite direction which was backward. Until I picked up my daughter Levi that was beside me and went to get Ava from the left side of the stairs and continued going up the stairs to arrive at his apartment we finally arrive, the kids go into their room and I say hey daddy~ then I sit on the couch he was supposed to be doing my hair as soon as we got there but he kisses me back and tells me to lay down so I do so and then he starts kissing my neck. I then start to moan and he kisses my lips taking my skirt and panties off he bites his lip and starts fingering me. I moan and I cover my mouth so he starts choking me gently and I moan louder he says mommy not too loud~ then he gets a blanket and a beanbag and starts acting like he is braiding my hair he only did that cause his dad was visiting. His dad walks in the room and says I am heading to work I get off at 9, Lex my boyfriend says okay see you when you get back and he exits so he picks me up and starts to stand up, walks to the room, and lays me on the bed goes to my daughter’s room and makes sure the window is locked and the curtain is closed and locks the door and says have fun!. He leaves and locks our door and the door connected to the girl’s room he gets on the bed and starts taking his pants and boyshorts off while I’m staring at his cock through his shorts. As soon as he gets them off he starts fucking me and pounding my coochie I moan super loud and we continue having S*x. I did some research and this is most definitely a soulmate dream I forgot what he looked like but he had a sexy tan and curly hair tbh I think Lex was Alex and I think I met him today.😄🥴🤪

  27. I had this dream where I was in a car I was sitting at the middle seat in the back and on my left there was my little cousin sister , on my right there’s this one bald guy . he was making fun of how I dress and that I dress ” childish ” . I still remember his face and guess what the next day I went on instagram and my mutual posted a pic and there he is , the guy in that pic looks so close to the guy in my dream but he got a long hair idk if he’s my soulmate but he’s excatly my type , ( I love long hair men and his facial features is so pretty everything about him is perfect anyways I was shook.

  28. so i had this dream ( it was last night ) when i was with my family in the car and it was night time but the brother was in the other car with his family and he stopped in front of a house for some reason ( it was a a very big white house almost like a school kinda ). and we all got out of the car and just stood there for a few seconds then i realised that there is a sloop next to us with a car down there i think the car was black but idk im not sure . so my brother tells us to follow him and we walk inside the house and i rember there was two bathroom and then the big lunch room and like a check out area in a grocery store . so i was walking around when i fell somones arm on my shoulder so i look up and he looks straight into my eyes and then i get butterflys in my stomach but i dont break the eye contact . then he picks me up ( like a piggyback ride just in the front) i hug him really tight and i rest my head on his shoulder and kiss him on his neck then he looks at me and say i love you very much and i said i love him to very much then he kissed my lips but then my mom called my name but when i turn back around he was gone . ( he looked like he had grayish blonde hair and brown eyes and was asian . ) but he looked so fimilar but thats when it hit me it was a celebrity and his name was park jimin so it probaly meant nothing. but i felt so real and i really do love him and im sad cause it was just a dream .this is the 4th time ive dreamnt about him.

  29. I had a dream a couple of months ago after I went ice skating for my bestfriends birthday keep in mind it was my first time ice skating . So I went ice skating in my dream and I didn’t have skates so I was just going to watch my friends and this guy was waiting for me at the top of these steps and I took his hand he kissed it and he said “skate with me” and I said “I don’t have skates” then he pushed me to the ice and said ” well you’re gonna have to lear-” he didn’t finish his sentence and we looked into each others eyes firework lights were reflecting off his eyes and i said “if this is a dream kiss me” we kissed and i woke up. Skip to March 1st I had emergency surgery and i lost an ovary but before that they had to transport me from hospitals and one of the EMT’s looked exactly like the guy in my dream and it was night and the ambulance lights were reflecting off his eyes like the fireworks in my dream then I was trying to tell him thanks but he was already out the door and i passed out from the pain.

    1. OMG This is so cute<3 Did you get to talk to him when you wake up?if no it's ok if he's really your soulmate he'll come to you when it's the right time:D.

  30. I got out of my class and took a nap then I had a dream about this chinese girl but she’s mixed with American. I seen her naked for a moment then the next she lived with m. then we went out. I don’t even know this woman but we had so much fun like I already knew her before we met he. The website said I said the same thing already but this is my first time here

  31. Last night I had a dream where I was like at this college so to speak, because there was a lot of like 20 yr old’s. And I’m 15 by the way. So I was in my dorm, which looked like my real room, and I was waiting for like my room mate. Then I hear a knock on the door and a blonde boy with blue eyes was there. He introduced himself and said his name was Joseph. I couldn’t see his whole face because it was sort of blurry. I’m not sure why though :(. Anyway, we talked for hours sitting on the bed, but it really felt like 5 minutes. And there was this one moment where we looked at each other dead in the eyes. And in my head I was like “Oh s***, this is really happening!” He leaned in and kissed me. I remember we kissed and hugged a whole lot on the bed. But not sexually LOL. Like at that moment, I knew he was my soulmate. I mean he’s funny, cute, has a really deep voice, he has that little hint of weirdness which I love, and he was really cool. And at the end of the dream when we were done kissing and stuff, he looked at me and said “I love you, Sarah.” And when I was going to say it back, THE DAMN DREAM FINISHED. I wanted to stay with him there literally forever, I loved him so much. I really hope it wasn’t just a dream because I would really love to meet him one day and potentially become a couple and never ever leave each other for anything.

  32. My a little bit strange . So I met guy 7 yrs ago .I was outside playing with my son and this guy came up to me out know where and told me he believed I was his soul mate and he see me in seven years . I thought he was a crazy person. So I put off and for got about it. Until releasly I’m starting to see him in my dreams and remember stuff that we talked about that day (remind you that I have trouble remembering stuff).
    (1)He told me I would meet and notice who was on the app tiktok. The was true(2) I would have follow me with his real account and a fake . that’s true (3) I dream about him every night I until I meet him again and I do. And just feels so weird to me for a complete stranger come up to and tell me that .my dreams fill so real too.

  33. I had a dream last night about this guy last night I can’t remember his name and I have never met him in real life before but at the same time I feel like I’ve seen people that look like him in places I’ve been and he seemed so familiar and the feeling I felt when I was with him felt familiar too and in the dream, he was other my age or a year or two older and I couldn’t tell if we were dating or not in the dream but I’ve never had a dream like this before and I felt so happy and so loved in this dream and we were literally just spending time together but idk I could have just been having a really good dream but I want him and the dream to come back.

  34. I had this one weird dream once where this guy named Xavier or (I called him Vie or Za) and I was dating him and his twin brother was dating my twin and he was a sweet smelling buff tanned brown skinned boy with light eyes(almost like kovu from lion king but his eyes were amber and green colored) and everytime he looked at me his eyes would light up and he would sing to me and he was so sweet and he would always spoil me when If I told him not to. Anyways he was on the football team and he would train everyday and I don’t remember how we met in the dream I just remember it was in school but I think it was summer school idk. I had this dream of our relationship over the course of 3 days and I don’t have time to say everything in the dream but I do remember that in the 3 dream I had about him he said “Love you mama See you” and then he winked! And then I flew out of my sleep in a cold sweat and when I went to the bathroom to go shower there was a strange heart like red mark on my neck but I ignored it and I showered and when I was out of the shower it faded a little bit but as I was putting on my shirt(I was getting ready for the a Saturday with pjs) I heard the rubling laugh of Xavier and then I felt hot air on me so I ran out the bathroom scared and randomly grabbed a juice and chugged it to calm myself then I went back to my room to clean(I clean when I’m upset or nervous). So that’s my dream about a guy I’ve never met or even knew existed and how when I woke up from the dream I had a weird experience can someone help me out?

  35. I had a dream about this one boy. I think hes my age but he told me his name is Jordi and that he is Turkish. I asked him in Spanish and in English if he understood me because I dont speak Turkish and he couldn’t understand me. He has dark-ish brown hair and beautiful light brown eyes. I only saw his eyes when I got near his face but when I would look at him his face would be blurred. We were hanging out in a small town and we were at a park with a trampoline. He was very sweet even if I didn’t understand him. We hugged for hours and hours I think we kissed I dont remember very well. But he has me wondering very badly. Jordi where are you? Can you understand me Jordi? I might aswell learn Turkish to meet him in my dream again. I wonder if my soulmate is waiting for me. I hope one day we meet.

  36. I had a dream that I was in this busy small town and its snowing in the evening and I’m with this guy he tells me his name is luke he has curly platinum blonde hair he’s got a pale peach skin tone and he’s really funny every now and then he pops up in mind and I don’t know what to do about it. Now I wonder if that’s my soul mate because we kissed a lot…a little help?ALSO! he told me that he lives with one of his family members and she’s nice she looks like she could be his aunt or grandmother but when I saw myself it was like seeing me when I’m still a teenager but way older like 16-18. Then later something goes down where I get injured and I’m about to wake up some evil like voice tells me “go back to sleep ” but I wake up and I think I just cheated death and luke was right there by me by my hospital bed and that dream is the most vivid dream I can remember.

    1. I had a dream tonight. I held a crying boy in my arms (my age or a bit older) and whispered things in his ear to calm him. It felt so intense. Even after I woke up I feel this strong feeling in my breast when I think about it. I never had this before. I don’t know if it was just a dream or if this person is really my soulmate who waits for me somewhere in the world. I don’t know I have such a strong feeling for him and a longing to see him again. I hope we will meet again. Even if it is only in my dreams.

      1. I had a dream about this one boy. I think hes my age but he told me his name is Jordi and that he is Turkish. I asked him in Spanish and in English if he understood me because I dont speak Turkish and he couldn’t understand me. He has dark-ish brown hair and beautiful light brown eyes. I only saw his eyes when I got near his face but when I would look at him his face would be blurred. We were hanging out in a small town and we were at a park with a trampoline. He was very sweet even if I didn’t understand him. We hugged for hours and hours I think we kissed I dont remember very well but I wonder if my soulmate is waiting for me. I hope one day we meet.

  37. I had a few days ago a dream where I was at the beginning at the beach I know so well because I´m often there. No matter if it´s with my friends in summer or mom and my grandparents. We are used to have there many weekend trips in the year. Often when the weather is too cold do actually swim in the sea like spring or autumn. It´s one of my favorite places and feels like a second or third home. So and in my dream, it was Silvester but it felt like it´s the end of summer at the same time and my grandparents, my mom and I sat on a blanket on the beach and watched the rosa-colored sunset. It was so lovely and looked like the last time I was there (which is because of corona and the lack of time some months ago). In the next moment, I was in one of the apartments of our neighbor. Probably one of the side of our house that has a perfect view of the big windows of our attic. I sat on the bed with this guy I´ve never seen before. I´m still sad I can´t remember how his face looked but I remember his blond hair. We didn´t really talk but I felt connected to him as I never was before. Since I woke up I can´t stop thinking about him but at the same time, I´m anxious that I will forget him. I just want to see him again.

  38. Oh, I can really relate but I kinda don´t want to think that he doesn´t exist in real life and is just a product of my imagination. His face was always a little bit blurred and I only remember his blond hair, that he was probably around the same age as me and his smile.

  39. i’ve been having dreams about my “soulmate” for months now. they always involve the same guy, whose face i can never seem to remember. different scenarios take place in different worlds, but we’re always happy and together even if things are rough. i don’t know if i’m reading too much into these dreams or if i’m being ridiculous but i had one last night again and i can’t stop thinking about it.

    1. Same it makes me sad when I have to wake up though because I was so happy there. Then I think about it all day and can’t get it out my head.

      1. yep i l know how that must feel. for 4 years now i have had the most vivid dreams about my soulmate and did not know what they mean until now. when they happen it makes it feel so real but when i see them there with someone else. i just found out my soulmate is my best friend. i found this out at such a young age. i found out when i was 14. people just say this because i am a psychic so i can see the future. when u sleep it feels so real so when u wake up it hurts becuase u were so happy

    2. Oh, I can really relate but I kinda don´t want to think that he doesn´t exist in real life and is just a product of my imagination. His face was always a little bit blurred and I only remember his blond hair, that he was probably around the same age as me and his smile.

  40. Have no idea if anybody here is still active or commenting on this topic, but I had a dream of a “soulmate” I guess, I’m 18 and was 17 (couple days ago) had the dream in December. I remember her face perfectly, her smile, eyes, hair, style all of it. She was with me for only 5-30 minutes as to what it felt like. Someone in the dream said she had to admit she likes me or it will never happen, but she didn’t have to say anything. It was that look that I knew she’s the one, that connection, that anxiety feeling when you see someone really cute, but most of it was the energy, strangely it felt like I was living it. It’s strange, 30 seconds later it disappeared. Woke up the next morning and it hasn’t left my mind since.

    1. i completely relate to that dream. i had one last night(which is why im googling all of this rn)and it felt so right. that girl i could like perfectly see what she looked like and i didnt need her to tell me how she felt, the way we looked at each other i just knew. the only thing that mattered was her. ive never seen her in my entire life so im pretty confused on what it means.

      1. Well that girl could be your soulmate in this life and you was having a vision of how u would meet her or you could of been recalling a memory of your soulmate’s spirit in a different body when you two were together. So just go with your gut and whichever one you feel it is that’s the one it is. Have good day hope this helped✨

  41. I am confused by my dreams…there was one that I had where I could feel there was a separation from our world and his like an invisible partition. He looked at me with such comfort and sent me a telephathic message that I was going to be alright. His mouth never moved to say it but I could hear him. I was going through a heart break during that time. I just want to know was he a spirit guide or a twin flame/soulmate watching me from above

  42. Just wanted to leave this reply bc I thought my dream was kinda funny. It involved snakes and fighting. Although I met this boy, I just assumed the soul mate part. Just felt that way, in my dream his name was Flower😂 Likeeee out of all names? Hehe. Still cute.

  43. this dream of mine is stuck in my head for around 2-3 years now. It started when me and my friends were at the beach when suddenly someone approach me and said something to me. But before we part our ways I remember that in my head I said “ask whats his name” and then I asked the boy in my dreams and he did told me his name. The strange thing is everytime I do something his face pops suddenly pops up and sometime i even hear his voice and i feel like i know it but i cant remember when, where, or what is it really. and there is also a time that i kind of know his face but it will suddenly disappear like nothing happened.

  44. Close your eyes think about a house however you’d like it to look like… as you walk inside You see a dining room and see a few chairs… and then you see a stairway leading to a mysterious person, now how many staircases were there? How many chairs were there? So The person you saw is your soulmate and the number of staircases you saw is how many years until you get married to them and the number of chairs was how many kids you’ll have together And If If I forgot something If you’re a person from a psychiatric class sorry I learned it about 2 years ago…

  45. Can someone help me I keep having dreams about this guy I’ve never met and I feel a strong connection between us like when he cut his hand in my dream I felt the plain in my heart!

    1. If you dreamt about the same guy several times and you don’t know who he is and you felt a connection with him. It could indicate he is a soulmate that will enter your physical life. We are connected to soulmates by soul and we can feel them even if they aren’t here in the physical yet….but he or she is coming.

      1. I have questions?I dream about this J guys several time(He’s a real person Ex: celebrity) it’s like I know him very well who he is .we’re never met but I kinda have strong feeling that he’s also dream about me as well.some dream I can see his full face but some dream I can see his face blur.could it be him?:)))

    2. Wow that is definitely a strong connection the best answer I have for you is that this guy is your soulmate the only thing is that he’s possibly calling out to you spiritually because he could be in trouble in real life so mabye one if the only ways he has it to dream for help so just stay aware of this person or a person where you look into their eyes and feel that same connection or that deja vu “Don’t I know you?” moment. Anyways I hope I helped love✨

  46. if anyone could help me with this it would be great. ever since i met a certain person (we never met in person just through text and calling) there’s no doubt we had a strong connection but i don’t think we are meant to be just right person wrong place and time which i have accepted but it started when i had an intense dream where we were on the ocean and i still can feel the water and there was a lighthouse and he hugged me and i woke up and could literally feel my soul and how sad i was deep down but he has a girlfriend for almost 2 years now and its been 3 years since we met but i’ll have dreams of us re connecting and meeting in person and it started back up a couple months ago where i’ll see this person and instantly know its him and usually i know when its just a dream but whenever i see this person i cant ever tell the difference. but the number 707 (his area code) keeps popping up and i’ll start having this feeling to start playing guitar or riding a skateboard and everything that he knows how to do and i feel like im going crazy and dont know what to do about it. i even started having this weird deep connection with the ocean, moon, and stars. i feel like everytime i let go of him and accept the fact that we are not meant to be something pushes me back towards him but tarrot card readings tell me to let go and open myself up to new love but this stuff is really intense and i even had a dream where i saw a soulmate commercial and then dreamed of him after. i even start getting headaches thinking about it but he looks alot happier in his new relationship but i dont understand how i can feel this intensely about someone i never met. I also have this weird feeling my soul is looking for someone but i dont know who or what and i have stuff written down about the person i see in my dreams and clues i’ve been seeing

    1. I know what you mean my dreams will often come to be true but this only started 5 years ago and since then i have had a dream of what might have been my past life since the dream started at my birth and ended with “me” in a hospital bed my 2 boys and 1 girl stand side by side when everything want dark and a beep sounded then a bright light and all the sudden i was in a room i didn’t recognize though it’s my room i lived her life but anyways I’ve been having this dream about a boy I’ve never seen he has dark brown hair that matches his eyes and pale skin and isn’t what i would originally call my type but he changed that i had a dream of my Pee-wee hokey team and i was 10 again and we just finished a game and were all watching a movie the coach put on and i looked over away from the screen and a saw him sitting there staring back at me the world around us blurred i couldn’t pull my eyes away even if i wanted to and i felt as though i could see what he saw hear what he heard and i never herd his voice though i didn’t need to i felt what he felt and he had such a calming effect and i just felt like i knew him forever longer then i have or will live and my next dream where he has a big part is the reason im 99 % sure he’s not my spirit guide since we had the best dream s*x ever

      1. It’s so weird I relate to almost everyone, so I woke up at 8 for a zoom meeting and went back to sleep at 8:50am and I had the most vivid dream I was in the airport doing my thing talking to people and a guy said “hey he’s here”I turned around and sprinted to a man, I went to go hug him so hard, while we were in a deep hug my physical body was vibrating so much I can feel it while I was asleep and I felt his arm wrapped around me and I can feel my physical real self smiling while I was in the dream and it felt like the hug lasted for 6 minutes it felt like we hadn’t seen each other in days and we just missed each other so much, when we stopped we walked together to go fix our fridge in our house and I just woke up. When I woke up I felt so much love for that person it felt so real I don’t know if it was just my subconscious imagination but also I genuinely felt it like I’m my physical body in my real life so A side of me is like was it just a dream but another side of me said I met my soul energy soulmate and we felt each other.

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