Twin Flames Vs. Soul Mates: Is There A Difference + Signs

If you are one of the millions of people in the world who believe in reincarnation, then perhaps you have wondered about the other souls in your life. Have your family members and friends lived past lives with you? Do you know your soul mate? What about your twin flame? Is there a difference between a soul mate and a twin flame? One of the most popular reincarnation topics on the web is meeting one’s soul mate or twin flame. In this article, we look at twin flames vs. soul mates and if there is a difference. We will also identify twin flame symptoms and soul mate signs.

Twin Flames Meaning

A popular new age concept is the Twin Flame. A Twin Flame is your soul-twin that was created with you. This soul is better put – your other half. This soul is the yin to your yang, the male to your female (or vice versa). The idea of having a Twin Flame resonates deeply with many. It explains having a feeling that something is missing, that some piece of you is gone. This is because you’re experiencing a longing for your other half. Unfortunately, unless you know the twin flame symptoms, you might not realize who your twin flame is. Twin Flames get confused with soul mates, but there is a difference. Determining the separate symptoms of meeting twin flames vs. soul mates will help us differentiate.

Twin Flame Symptoms

Unfortunately, you will not reincarnate with your twin flame in every life. When we compare twin flames vs. soul mates, we find soul mates incarnate frequently together. In fact, incarnating with a twin flame happens rarely. Typically your twin flame will be in the spiritual realm, there to guide you through this life as a spirit guide. However, if you’re lucky, sometimes you will incarnate with your twin flame.

Twin Flame Signs:

  • a person who is the exact opposite of you in nearly every way
    • gender (you are female, he is male and vice versa)
    • interests (you are athletic, she is academic)
    • career
    • zodiac signs (and elements)
  • you are opposites but you get along perfectly
  • intense passion
  • longing to be together
  • reading one anothers’ minds
  • dreaming of each other before meeting
  • deja vu while you’re together (even the first meeting)
  • finishing each others’ sentences
  • meeting and knowing one another instantly
  • dreaming of each other after separating/parting ways
  • going through similar life experiences and milestones at the same time (even while apart)
  • often meet each other at tumultuous times in life
  • together at a young age (first love) then parting ways tragically

The reason Twin Flames do not incarnate together often is because they’d totally forget why they came to Earth in the first place, they’d be so lost in each other! If you’re keeping the dream alive, be on the lookout for twin flame symptoms.

Can Twins be Twin Flames too?

Twin flames come in all shapes, sizes, and in different ways. Most people think of twin flames as being romantic if and when they meet each other. But that’s not always true. Twin flames can also be born into this life as brothers, sisters, cousins, mother/child, etc. So to answer the question if twins can be twin flames too, yes they can. Obviously you won’t see the romantic signs with these types of relationships but the relationship will still be intense in different ways.

Twin flames vs. soul mates: there is a difference!
The twin flame meaning: your soul twin who you will meet rarely in this lifetime.

What is a Soul Mate?

A soul mate is a soul from your soul group that you have had a very intimate relationship with in a past life (or lives). This relationship could have been romantic, friendly, or familial.

Soul Mate Signs:

  • deep love like no other
  • overwhelming and intense emotions and memories
  • love at first sight
  • deju vu upon meeting
  • you can talk with this person for hours on end; deep conversations
  • you feel like you’re old friends
  • intense passion
  • when you’re alone with this person, nothing else in the world matters
  • deep soul connection
  • you help this person and this person helps you
  • pure love drives actions and services for each other
  • it’s the purest love you’ve ever known

So maybe you’ve met your soul mate, but you’ve lost him or her. You’ll know in your heart if you’ve known your soul mate. It is a crushingly sad feeling. Another thing to keep in mind is that most of us have had more than one soul mate in our life cycle. So you won’t be searching for one perfect person, but you’ll have been searching for the perfect persons!

Twin Flames Vs. Soul Mates: The Major Difference

There is a difference between twin flames and soul mates. Yes, they are similar by definition and symptoms, but they are different in one big way. A twin flame is the one soul that you were created with and is a part of your soul group, while a soul mate is another soul that you’ve loved in past incarnations. A soul mate is usually another soul in your soul group, but it is not the twin soul you were created with. Relationships with soul mates vary:  i.e. a soul mate that is a friend or family member in this life and a lover in the next. Relationships with your twin flame rarely happen in the physical world, and when they do they are usually intense, romantic relationships.

Will I Meet My Soul Mate or Twin Flame?

Thousands of people search the internet every month to find out if they will meet their soul mate or twin flame. It is a very romantic notion to think that everyone has a perfect soul out there for them, just waiting to be found. Once they find you, they’ll whisk you away into a fairy tale world. Unfortunately, this is not always true.

A misconception with twin flames vs. soul mates is that everyone will meet and be with their soul mate or twin flame in every life. This isn’t always the case. Some souls come to earth with a specific purpose that doesn’t involve loving a soul mate. They might meet this soul mate somewhere along the line and possibly lose this soul mate (by death or circumstance). Don’t be disheartened if you feel like you’ll never find your soul mate, or that you aren’t meant to find a soul mate in this life. There are other kinds of love in this life that we choose to experience. We chose these people before we were even born! And maybe you will meet your soul mate, one can never know for sure…until one knows.

Don’t live your life searching for that one perfect love, because you’ll miss out on all of the other experiences of love you already chose to experience. That’s the bottom line. And if you’re meant to meet and love your soul mate…it will happen when the time is right.

6 thoughts on “Twin Flames Vs. Soul Mates: Is There A Difference + Signs

  1. I have a twin flame. It has also been confirmed many times over and over again not only by angels, but by others we have met along the way. I agree with a lot that is said here but I just want to comment that twin flames done always have to be opposite sex. My twin flame and I are both females. I will say that both of us have our girly and tomboy moods. We both have very feminine and masculine personality attributes. Maybe that is life trying to make up for us both being female. I have a love for her like not other. She truly is my other half and my partner in crime. She is my twin sister for all purposes just not by blood. We have also shared many lifetimes together. We have a large group of spiritual helpers and angels that assist us in reminding us why we are here on earth and we always find each other in each life. My twin flame and I could never be a romantic relationship.. At least not in this lifetime. We do have a joke though that if one of us was a male then we would be a done deal and we call each other wife and say all we need from the opposite sex is for the one thing we could get from each other. Otherwise she would be my perfect half. We are also the same zodiac signs. Though we are opposites in a way. She is 11/02 and I am 11/20. We were both born the same year. We can read each other’s minds. Finish each other sentances. Been more dejavu than I can even remember. We share dreams and even visions sometimes. We are opposites in some ways such as our powers. I am good with vision while she is good in sound. I see images more plainly while she hears their voices stronger. We compliment each other nicely. Just wanted to leave this comment to let you know that while a lot of what is said I do agree with, it will not always be the case with every twin flame. 🙂

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