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6 Ways to Work Your Magic Outside in PUBLIC Places

Oh what a life to live in the countryside, where a witch or magician can practice their craft in peace and solitude. With nothing but the forces of nature around them. This is a dream for many of us, but for the majority we live in suburban or urban areas where elaborate outside rituals would be seen and/or scrutinized. BUT outside magic isn’t completely out of the question! Here we provide 6 ways to work your magic outside, even in public places.

6 Ways to Work Magic Outside

The first thing we’d like to say is this – you have to be aware of your surroundings. What may work for a witch in the suburbs might not work for a witch in a large city. Adjust accordingly.

1. Meditation in the Park

For many of us, the closest thing we have to a natural setting is our local parks. Whether you’re in the suburbs or the city, there should be a decent local park nearby. If you haven’t been, visit and scope it out. Choose an area off the beaten-path, if possible, and lay down a blanket. Sit and meditate OR simply observe the sky, nearby trees, and wildlife.

2. Magical Foraging

Just because you live in the ‘burbs or the city doesn’t mean there aren’t magical supplies to collect. When I go for walks at the park or on the beach or nature walks in general, I bring a small bag or pouch. This way if I see anything worth keeping for magical purposes, I can quickly store it. Walking in the park and see a couple pinecones? Pick ’em up! Found an old penny on the sidewalk? Pop it in the bag.

3. Natural Divination

This is a great way to learn how to divinate, PLUS it’s nearly unnoticeable to the public eye – read nature omens and signs. These include: reading patterns and shapes in the clouds, taking notice of certain birds or animals, bird flight patterns, etc. In addition, besides natural divination, if you’re sitting in traffic – license plate and bumper sticker divination!

4. Magic With the Mind

Not all magic has to include tools or supplies. Sometimes all you need is your mind and soul. In a public place? Try doing something as simple as visualizing your intention into manifestation. Shielding visualizations are helpful if you’re in the city or a crowded space and want spiritual protection. Plus you can do these exercises in your mind without anyone knowing the better!

5. Off the Beaten Path

If you have a local park or even a cemetery, visit and find a spot off the beaten path where you can make your magic. Just remember – candle magic in a public place is frowned upon and sometimes illegal! I would venture to say smudging or burning anything is out of the question. BUT you can bring your tarot cards, grimoire, crystals, and other items in a bag with you. I’ve also used a circular blanket to lay down in the park as a make-shift magical circle!

6. Go Somewhere Magical

Visit your local metaphysical shop or yoga center to engage in magical and spiritual practices in public. These are places where you can be yourself and not have to worry about the general public staring you down at the park. Many metaphysical shops offer classes and gatherings where you can learn and make magic outside – either on their property or sometimes on the roof! The same goes with yoga centers, sometimes they even do yoga in the park.

Be Creative and Be Safe!

We are only limited by our own imaginations and what we are willing to do. That being said, safety and security is the number one priority. So don’t go burning candles or casting fire rituals in the park or cemetery. Save the candle magic for the comfort of your own house. In addition, don’t sneak around private property just to find a place to do your magic outside. It’s dangerous and could get you in trouble! Be creative but be logical.

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