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Magical Wrinkles: What Your BEAUTIFUL Crone Lines Say About You

We live in a society that fears aging. We fear it so much that we do everything in our power to disguise it and reverse it. But the thing is – aging is a natural part of life. No one will be young forever, no matter how many botox treatments, anti-wrinkle creams, and plastic surgery we invest in. Stop wasting your money on trying to look young and start loving yourself and all of your magical wrinkles. Our wrinkles tell stories…learn what your crone lines say about you below!

Why Are Wrinkles Magical?

Why do I keep calling wrinkles magical? Because they are! Have you ever heard of reading palms? The lines and wrinkles on our palms tell the stories of our lives. I read the patterns in my veins as they tell a story, and now I’m learning how to read wrinkles (I prefer to call them crone lines)! Remember, there was once a time when people in the older years were looked up to, honored, and thought of as inherently beautiful. It’s time to celebrate the beauty of aging again and look at our wrinkles as proof we’ve lived full and unique lives! We are HUMANS not robots!

Facial Wrinkles: Types and Their Unique Magic

Whether you’re in the Mother or Crone phase of your life (guys – this would be Father or Sage phase), you may be noticing more and more wrinkles on your face. Wrinkles appear because of certain repetitive facial expressions. And facial expressions are linked to our emotions. Here are the types of magical wrinkles and the unique stories they tell about you!

Magical Forehead Wrinkles Remind Us We’ve Lived!

We will start at the forehead and work our way down the face. Forehead wrinkles are called different things but most people refer to them simply as forehead lines. You may start noticing these lines in your early to mid-thirties and they tend to deepen over time. As mentioned before, wrinkles are direct consequence to our emotions. Forehead lines appear because of repetitive feelings of: being surprised (or shocked), joy, and sometimes disgust or frustration. Raise your eyebrows and think of all the emotions that could have caused your forehead lines. There’s no reason to fear or dislike your forehead lines – they are a sign you have LIVED. And what’s the point to life? To live! To experience the good and bad, the light and dark, young and old.

Furrow Lines Mean Deep Thinking

In addition to forehead lines, you may have wrinkles between your eyebrows at the bridge of your nose. These are called furrow lines because they show up if you’ve done a lot of eyebrow furrowing (scrunching together) over your life. When we furrow our brows, it’s typically because we are in deep thought or concern. Let’s be honest – every magical person (and nearly every woman) is usually a deep thinker…so we furrow our brows more than most! Furrow lines are a sign you are a seeker and perhaps wiser than the next person.

This beautiful woman has many crows’ feet – a sign she’s laughed a lot!!!

Magical Eye Wrinkles: Crow’s Feet

My friend gave me a magnet for the fridge that says, “crow’s feet: a witch’s best friend” with a friendly crow in the picture. I laughed at it and realized, crow’s feet which are the crinkles on the outside corners of our eyes, are also called laughing lines. Why? Because the more you’ve smiled or laughed in your life, the more likely you’ll develop this type of magical wrinkle. They’re magical because they remind us we’ve had some joyful moments in life! So keep smiling and laughing and deepen those crow’s feet!

Nose Crinkles or “Bunny Lines”

Also called bunny lines, nose crinkles happen when you scrunch your nose with laughter or out of habit. Some say it’s from allergies and blowing one’s nose or sneezing a lot. Whatever the case, I think these magical wrinkles are cute! And if you have bunny lines because you laugh too much…well, that’s an amazing thing. Who doesn’t want to look as cute as a bunny as you age?

The “Mental” Crease

A wrinkle that forms a crescent just below your lips and above the chin is referred to as a “mental crease”. Sources say it’s called the “mental” crease because it’s near the “mentalis” muscle. I say it’s a mental crease for those who are HIGHLY intelligent! Obviously I have no evidence to back this up, but it’s just another way to look at our wrinkles as magical instead of as ugly.

The More Wrinkles You Have, The Wiser You Are

Sadly when you google “face wrinkles” a whole hot mess of articles pop up about how to get rid of them and about how they indicate potential disease. I call bullshit. More propaganda to make us all feel like crap about the aging process. The more we fear aging, the more products and things we buy, the more money these companies make! Keep that in mind.

In conclusion, I believe aging is not just a natural process but a supernatural one in that each individual learns and grows over time. Not to mention the older you get, the closer you get to the Summerland (afterlife) where you’ll meet the gods and ancestors! The wrinkles and lines on our faces and bodies are our life’s stories. Instead of glorifying only the young, we should be encouraging each other to embrace the aging process. One day we will all be old in age, but young in spirit and wise in our minds. There’s NOTHING WRONG with that! To my crones and sages, I honor your wisdom AND your magical wrinkles just as I honor my own.

Our magical wrinkles tell a story about our unique and beautiful lives! Learn about magical wrinkles and crone lines and how to embrace aging here!

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