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Most-Used Witchcraft Tools and Ingredients: My Top 12

We are all different and all of our witchcraft practices are different. We all have our favorite magical items. Here are my most-used and MUST-HAVE witchcraft ingredients and tools. Even though I believe a witch doesn’t NEED anything, if I had to advise you all on what items you should have, it would be these. But keep in mind, the more you practice, the more you’ll develop your own signature witchcraft style.

1. Rosemary

If I had to pick one ingredient to use in my magick for the rest of my life, I would choose the herb rosemary. I grow it in my herb garden. It is hardy and easy to grow. Not only that, it is one of those witchcraft tools that is incredibly versatile. Harvest it, make it into smudge bundles, and use the smudge bundles to cleanse your space. Rosemary is great for cooking and in cleansing and uncrossing baths. I even clip it and carry it around, whiffing it randomly for mental clarity and peace of mind. I don’t think I could live without rosemary.

2. Novena & Chime Candles

Witches and non-witches love candles. Not only do they create a warm ambiance in any space, they can be used for multiple magical purposes. My favorite and most-used candles are novena and chime candles. Novena candles are the tall, round candles you can find at the dollar store. Often these candles have pictures of saints plastered to them, but I typically choose plain white or color novena candles. I use novena candles to honor my ancestors and gods, mostly but have also used them in spells. Chime candles are my favorite for ALL candle spells and rituals. They are small, cheap, come in multiple colors, and burn down fast. 

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is a must-have for any witch worth her salt. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and anklets all become magical talismans and amulets when cleansed and charged with purpose. My favorite witchy jewelry pieces include a sugilite necklace, fox-teeth earrings, and turquoise rings. I charge these pieces for protection, shapeshifting, and love. You can even charge body jewelry with magical intent. Magical jewelry becomes a part of the witch and takes on its own personality. It’s a must-have witchcraft tool.

4. Incense

Another of my most used witchcraft tools is incense. I prefer stick incense, but you can make your own loose incense and burn on charcoal disks. OR there’s also cone incense. I burn incense during meditation and ritual to set a mood and help alter my state of consciousness. I also burn incense daily as an offering to my ancestors and the gods. You can purchase incense in convenience stores, Five Below, the dollar store, and more. It is cheap and a must-have.

5. Bags & Sachets

I have a plethora of small muslin bags and sachets. Muslin bags are super useful when you want to take an herbal bath without having to clean up the remnants. Just put the bag of herbs in the hot water and let it steep like a cup of tea. I also use muslin bags and sachets as spell bags. You’ll find a sachet of wormwood in my car for protection, and a bag of herbs under my pillow for dreaming. Get yourself some muslin bags and sachets. The uses are endless.

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6. Obsidian

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a fire sign or just because I love the color black, but my favorite stone is obsidian by far. There’s a large obsidian palm stone sitting on my nightstand that I use often when I want to ground myself. I also have small pieces of obsidian all around the house. Obsidian is connected to the root chakra, and is great for grounding, increasing intuition, divination, and (IMO) sexual energy. Plus…it’s just pretty.

7. Tea Infuser

I’ve been drinking and making my own teas for years. One of my most-used witchcraft tools is my tea infuser. These little babies give you the ability to brew a cup or two of loose leaf tea and then easily strain the herbs out when you’re ready to drink it. Tea magic is a big part of my practice – it’s one of those simple daily practices I couldn’t live without. I drink tea for magical purposes like increasing my dreams and I drink tea for medicinal purposes like curing the common cold. I couldn’t live without my tea infuser. For real.

8. Offering Bowls

Well, you can guess what these are used for – offerings to the ancestors and gods. I have a couple different offering bowls that I switch out on my altar, depending on the season. The offering bowl on my altar right now is made of petrified wood, and I purchased it from HomeGoods for fifteen bucks. I use it for herbal offerings to my ancestors. I also have an offering bowl in the shape of a skeleton hand for Samhain. Offerings to the ancestors and gods are a huge part of my practice, as I believe we develop relationships with our ancestors and gods by showing appreciation in the form of offerings. I recommend offering bowls to every pagan and witch who works with spirits of any kind.

9. Journal

To be fully honest, I’m tired of trying to figure out what I should call it. Book of Shadows? Grimoire? Screw it. It’s a journal. My spiritual journal contains everything from diary-type entries to dreams and spells. I write in it often and enjoy chronicling my spiritual journey and practice. A composition book or spiral notebook works just as well as a fancy journal or scrapbook.¬†

10. Runes

I am no rune-master, but the runes are a form of divination that I’ve been studying for the past 2 years. You’d think I’d know everything there is to know about the runes by now, but they are an enigma. I feel it’ll take me years to fully understand the runes and I plan to take the rest of my life to really learn them. They’ve become a huge part of my practice and one of my most-used witchcraft tools for divination, rituals, meditation, and spells.

11. Dutch Oven (Cauldron)

I am a kitchen witch through and through, so when a family member gave me a beautiful dutch oven I was PUMPED. Dutch ovens also function as cauldrons. They serve as a tool for cooking soups, stews, chili, meat dishes, homemade bread, and mulled wines and ciders. In addition, if it’s cast iron, it can be used to burn petitions, incense, and other spell items. HOWEVER, I’ll be honest and say that I actually have two dutch ovens. I have one specifically for cooking inside and one that I use for spellwork outside. You don’t want to burn incense in a cauldron that you also use to make soup.

12. Jars and Bottles

Out of all of my most-used witchcraft tools, I’d say jars and bottles are my addiction. A witch needs her jars and bottles. I’m no exception to the rule. Mason jars are perfect for storing herbs, roots, powders, salt, and curios. But they can be expensive. So if you’re on a budget, do a solid for Mother Earth and re-use/recycle your food jars and bottles! Pickle, spaghetti sauce, olive, and condiment jars can be cleaned out thoroughly and re-used for storing herbs. PLUS jars and bottles come in handy for jar spells and witch bottles.

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  1. Fin

    May 9, 2021 at 11:20 am

    Good advise, but not all witches are women

  2. Jenn

    February 4, 2019 at 11:39 pm

    You are spot on with your top ten and they are all economical. Love it!

  3. Chuck

    February 3, 2019 at 2:45 am

    I appreciate your advice. Also I’m a Tune Oracle reader.

    1. FaethGale

      February 9, 2019 at 2:14 am

      Hi Chuck, what is a Tune Oracle reader? Thank you!

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