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A Day in the Life of a Witch: An In-Depth Look at the Magical & Mundane

So many people come to the craft thinking it’s going to catapult them into a world of wizards, cauldrons, black cats and crazy powerful spells. While some of this might be true on a smaller level, the truth of the matter is that a witch is just like anyone else in the world – the only difference is a witch learns what magic truly is and how to use it to invoke change. A witch seeks wisdom where others may not. In this post, we wanted to give you a REAL-LIFE look into a witch’s daily comings and goings – both the magical AND the mundane. Here’s a day in the life of a witch.

Wake Up at 6 AM: Give Me ALL the Coffee

The alarm on my cell typically goes off at 6 am Monday through Friday. The first thing I do is what any other normal human does – pee, throw on a robe, brush my teeth, throw my hair up, and get the coffee BREWING. Am I thinking magically at this point? I’m thinking someone needs to pour the magical bean-juice down my throat until I come alive again. Following my coffee/computer session first thing in the morning, I wake the kids up and get them off to school. Again – no magic there just regular mundane routine parental fun!

Work Out: Align Body with Mind

I try to work out before the kids even wake up on most mornings, but sometimes the coffee isn’t strong enough and I wait for them to go to school. My work-outs consist of 30 minutes of either HIIT (high intensity interval training) or 30 minutes of biking on the trail outside my house. I exercise for 30 minutes, 3-4 days a week. I don’t just do this to keep my body in shape, I do this to keep my heart and mind healthy. If I don’t work out – my anxiety spirals out of control. Not to mention, my family has a history of heart disease so I have to care for my heart.

Nature Walks & Magical Foraging

A day in the life of a witch should almost always include a nature walk. Depending on the season, I’ll walk to the park that backs up to my neighborhood or I’ll go for a walk on the beach with my husband. The park near my house has ponds filled with turtles and gators (you read that right!) We’ve also seen plenty of different kinds of birds in the park (and in our backyard): crows, blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, woodpeckers, bald eagles, ospreys, hawks, doves, ibises, herons, and more. I’ve gone magical foraging in the park on several occasions (don’t worry I only take what I need and never from a protected plant or tree). If we walk on the beach, I’ll collect seashells, feathers, coral, and if I’m lucky, shark’s teeth.

A Day in the Life of a Witch almost always includes a nature walk!
A local park I visit often.

Cleansing (AKA Showering)

Following my work out and walk, it’s shower time! This could be any time of the morning but usually after my exercises and walks are over. During my showers, if I think about it, I give thanks to my ancestors for protecting and guiding me. I also use the water as a spiritual cleansing conduit of light. On the New Moon, I use Florida water soap to purify myself.

Typical Daily Duties

Throughout the day, I’m typically found on my computer, posting on the website and writing books. I’m a writer full-time now, and I fit this job into my busy days of being a mother and wife, as well. I also care for our home, cleaning and maintaining it, including my garden and pool. I do the family’s laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking of the meals.

My witchy life includes gardening: herbs, flowers, and butterfly host plants.
Monarch on a zinnia in my garden last Summer.

Fitting Magic into the After-School Rush

My daughter is in accelerated online classes (in addition to her regular school work) which means I am in accelerated online classes (yeah…fun). So once the kids are home from school, I’m helping with homework, checking school agendas and paperwork, and getting them ready for any after-school activities. I’m also usually prepping dinner at this point. Dinner consists of gluten free and clean foods, and I often bless the food in the name of my ancestors. A red candle is lit (when I remember) to honor the hearth-fire of my ancestors from centuries past.

Wait a second…where’s the magic? Where’s the witchcraft?

Are you bored yet? You see? If you spend a day in the life of a witch, you’ll notice it’s just like anyone else’s with a sprinkle of magic thrown in. I do my best to fit magic in where and when I can. I pray to my ancestors throughout the day when I feel called to do so. Check on my garden daily in the warmer months and say hello to my animal familiars – the butterfly and black snake (and the other typical visitors to my garden – bugs, birds, squirrels). If I’m on my way somewhere in the car, I will look for signs and messages in nature – cloud patterns, bird flight patterns, even repetitive numbers or letters on license plates and signs. These are all easy and quick ways to incorporate magic into your daily routine.

Being a witch means getting to know the land you live on - including the landscape, plants, bodies of water, trees, and wildlife.
Local beach flowers (railroad vine & sunflowers) found on a nature walk.

The Evenings Are My Favorite

After dinner’s eaten, the dishes are done, and everyone’s bathed, I can relax and enjoy family time. This is usually after 7 pm on weeknights, after the kids’ extracurricular activities are done too. Every night I try to light incense and refresh a small pitcher of water on my ancestors’ altar. I also light a candle in their honor and say a prayer of gratitude. In the colder months, I might have a cup of herbal tea using the herbs from my herb cabinet. Some of the herbs I’ve grown and harvested myself, others are purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Then I spend time with my husband and kids until it’s time for bed. Right before sleep, I give myself Reiki to re-align my chakras and give me good dreams. Then the alarm goes off again at 6 am and I do it ALL OVER.

I maintain an ancestor altar in my daily witch life.
My altar that I maintain daily.

When Do I Perform Ritual and Cast Magic?

On a typical day, I don’t have time to engage in an elaborate ritual, trance-work, or cast magic. However, about once a week, my husband goes out of town and the kids go to sleep and I can do what I feel like doing magically-speaking. On Full Moons, I do my meditations and trance-work, as well as charge my crystals and tools in the moonlight. Divination in the form of runes and oracle cards are also common for me on a Full Moon. New Moons always energize me and inspire me to do new things (I was born under a New Moon), and you’ll typically find me creating something crafty on a New Moon. On Waning Moons, you’ll find me smudging and blessing my house.

A Day in the Life of a Witch: The True Meaning

Witches don’t yield some otherworldly power that unattainable to the rest of society – anyone can attain it if he or she tries. Being a witch truly means to be mindful of the magic all around you – to see the magic in places others don’t. And in this mindfulness comes gratitude. Everything else just falls into place when a witch is mindful, gracious, and seeks wisdom from the earth herself.

A Day in the Life of a Witch

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