Snake Dream Meaning: What Does It Mean To Dream About Snakes?

I couldn’t tell you how many snake dreams I’ve had in my lifetime. Each a little different from the last. Has a serpent been slithering in and out of your dreams lately? Let’s explore the many snake dream meanings and answer the question “what does it mean to dream about snakes?” I think the answer may surprise you.

Snake Dreams: Snake Myths and Symbolism

Mythology and folklore are the driving force behind much of dream symbolism. So let’s explore snake mythology and lore from ancient times.

Snake As Healer

Before the snake received bad press, he was a healer. The modern symbol used often in Western medicine is called the Caduceus: a snake wrapped around a cane/pole. There’s a reason this symbol is ingrained in medical logos. Our spinal cord is said to be the physical manifestation of our Kundalini energy – a snake-like energy center that runs the length of our head – torso and connects to our chakras. When we awaken this energy, we align and heal ourselves.

Snake as Guardian

The Romans believed in household guardian spirits they called Lares. Lares were often illustrated in snake-form. Snakes were protective beings in the eyes of Ancient Romans. They not only protected homes, they protected the barriers between the physical and spiritual worlds. This is why the Norse World Tree, Yggdrasil, is guarded by a giant worm (snake) called Níðhögg. The legend says Níðhögg gnaws at the root of the tree, but in my visions, Níðhögg is actually guarding the entrance to the Other World.

Snake as Wise One

There are so many people that have a fear of snakes and therefore feel their snake dreams are evil. This stems from the Christian Biblical story. It goes like this, a snake tempts Eve to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. She accepts and eats. Then she knows all that God knows. While this story is taught as evil and puts snakes in a bad light, from an esoteric perspective, the serpent empowers Eve with wisdom. Her own ability to decide. In many other cultures, the snake is the wise one, not the evil one.

Snake as the Symbol of Transformation

The snake has been a symbol of a renewal and transformation for thousands of years. Why? As it grows, it has to leave its old skin behind. The Ouroboros is a snake symbol common on many ancient Norse, Celtic and Egyptian artifacts. It represents the never-ending cycle of life, with the snake biting its own tail in a perfect circle. When we see snakes in our dreams, we are getting ready to go through a big transformation.

Snake dream meanings often involve messages of healing.
The Caduceus: medical symbol of healing

Common Snake Dream Meanings

While mythology is important in interpreting dreams, we can’t properly interpret them without understanding the symbolism first. So let’s answer the question, what does it mean to dream about snakes? That depends on the type of snake dream!

1. Snake Dream: A Snake bites me in my dream

What does it mean if in my snake dream, the snake bites me? The snake, in this case, is trying desperately to get your attention. But what is he trying to teach you? When an animal is being aggressive in a dream, this means it’s been trying to get your attention for a while and you’ve ignored it. The snake bite dream means you are getting ready to go through a major transformation.

2. Snake Dream Meaning: Being Squeezed or Smothered by a Large Snake

Similar to being bitten in a snake dream, having a dream of being squeezed by a large boa means you’re ignoring something important. The snake is telling you its time for change – time to transform your life. This could mean transformation of body, mind or soul. Or all three. The smothering aspect means you are resisting the change.

3. Snake in the Bed Dream

In psychology, sometimes snakes are a phallic symbol. Seeing a snake in the bed in your dreams could indicate one of two things: a. you’re craving sexual intimacy or b. you feel your partner is untrustworthy or potentially cheating on you.

4. Snake as a Pet Dream

When the snake appears in your dreams and is friendly, this is a good sign! If he’s your pet or friend, this means you are embracing healing, transformation, and wisdom. You’re on the right track!

Different Color Snakes in Dreams

Depending on the color of the snake, your dream could take on another meaning or have multiple meanings wrapped into one. Here are a few examples:

  • Black Snake: some people associate black with evil; however, a black snake in your dream means spiritual transformation on a deep level.
  • White Snake: a white snake dream could indicate something hidden being brought to the light – a moment of clarity and wisdom ahead
  • Red Snake: red snakes indicate a few things – anger, passion, and/or healing of blood conditions. In addition, it could mean your primal ancestors are trying to contact you
  • Yellow Snake: symbolizes a need for physical energy and physical transformation
  • Blue Snake: a time of healing and peace is ahead, after a traumatic time in life
  • Purple Snake: the magical world is urging you to follow the path of the witch and wise ones
  • Green Snake: time to consider your career ahead, it might be time for a change! Alternatively, the green snake may symbolize the Mother Goddess reaching out to you

Things to Consider About Snake Dreams

When it comes to dreams, I believe two things could be happening. Either you’re having a symbolic dream, a message from your subconscious OR you’re being contacted by the spirit world via your dreams. Pay attention to how you feel in the dream and how you feel when you wake up. If the dream is extra intense and multiple senses are involved, you may have been contacted by the spirit world. This could be an ancestor, guide, or even a god. If it was a god, usually the deity will try contacting you again via a different method. So pay attention in waking life, too!

Where Are You And Who Is With You?

In addition, consider the setting of the dream and also if anyone else is with you in the dream. The setting and people involved could change the meaning of the dream completely. Write everything down and then meditate on the message. Recurring snake dreams mean you are ignoring the message and you need to acknowledge it!

Snake Gods and Goddesses in Dreams

Snake gods and goddesses may reach out to you via your dreams. The old pagan deities are awakening and looking for people to take up their mantles. A few snake deities include Medusa, Melusine, Thoth, Damballah, Medea, Angitia and many more. If you believe a snake god or goddess is contacting you, simply ask them for confirmation in the form of another sign.

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Snake Dreams can sometimes be a god or goddess calling to you.
Medusa, Greek Snake Goddess


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