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City Witch: 10 Powerful Ways to Make Urban Magick

It seems most witches are drawn to the wild places in nature: forests, mountains, and meadows. But what if you live in a city and don’t have quick access to the wilderness? Can you still practice witchcraft? Absolutely! Here we provide the city witch with 10 urban witchcraft practices. And we prove you can be a witch and live anywhere.

Are you a City Witch?

Over half the world’s population lives in an urban setting. So even though modern witches and pagans seem to gravitate to wild natural places, the reality is a large potion of us don’t live in a witchy cabin in the woods. Or a cabin in the mountains. So what do you do to make magick in the bustling, busy city? In my opinion, the city might not be “natural” but it is indeed a WILD place. And an experienced witch will take advantage of the energy there. Here’s how:

1. Study Your City’s History

When we tell the forest and hedge witch to get to know her land, it’s the same for the city witch. Get to know the space and place you live. Start with the city’s history and condense it down to the land where you live (wherever your home, apartment, etc. is within the city). Getting to know the history of the land where you live gives you an understanding of its unique vibrations. Has the city seen much tragedy? How new or old is the city? Did your ancestors live there before you? What people lived on the land before the city was built? Etc.

2. Identify Power Places

Identify the most powerful places in the city. These are places where the energy flow is intense – be it natural or human energy. Examples of natural power places within the city include city parks, cemeteries, urban gardens, etc.

Human power places (where the energy is mainly human-fueled) include markets, large corporate buildings, nightclubs, shopping centers, etc. Don’t forget there’s a special kind of energy found only at crossroads and train tracks (Side note: always be careful!) Go to your natural power places to center, ground and heal yourself. Go to the human-fueled power places to energize, inspire and re-vitalize yourself. And don’t forget there’s plenty of ways to make magic discreetly in public places.

The city witch needs to find his or her power places.

3. Identify Wild Herbs

You’d be surprised how resourceful the city witch becomes when she embraces her environment. You’d also be surprised how many herbs and magical plants grow WILD in the city! I’ve been to Washington D.C. and seen dandelion growing wild in the parks and in the cracks of the sidewalk. Mugwort, garlic mustard, blackberries and ramps grow wild in New York City! Go out for walks and start taking note of plants and flowers you see growing in the sidewalks, climbing up the sides of buildings, and what you find in parks and cemeteries. Take photos and identify them. Begin to harvest for your magick when you’ve confirmed the herb’s identification.

4. Find Local Metaphysical Shops

Locate your local metaphysical shops, herbal apothecaries, botanicas, witchcraft shops, etc. A simple Google search should do the trick. You might be surprised how close a shop is to your home in the city. Depending on where you live, most large cities have metaphysical and witchy shops that carry herbs, crystals, books, magical tools and more! In addition, some of these shops offer free or affordable classes on spell-casting, energy work, Reiki, meditation, and mediumship. You might even meet a new witchy friend!

5. Make Your Home A City Witch Escape

Whether you live in the penthouse or a one-bedroom apartment or share with another person, transform your space into a city witch’s escape. What type of magick fuels your passion? Do you love green witchcraft but can’t have a garden? Buy houseplants that do well in a windowsill or on a small balcony. Or buy grow lights and grow our own herbs right in the kitchen! Love crystals and earth energy? Find large and small crystals and place around your home. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas on how to create a peaceful, magical home no matter the size!

6. City Witch Observations: Weather, Seasons, Moods

Just as a country witch observes her surroundings, so too should a city witch! Sit by the window and watch the cars passing by, watch the clouds, and the people. Take note of interesting things you see. Eventually you’ll notice patterns. The people and the city-life tend to flow in “seasons” that may even correlate to the actual seasons OR you may notice unusual patterns related to the moon phases. Record weather patterns and more. This gets you in tune with your city and you’ll learn how to harness the city’s energy easier.

7. City Foraging

It’s not just herbs and plants you’ll find in the city. Coins, feathers, and all kinds of discarded or lost trinkets act as magical tools for the city witch. Be sure to cleanse coins and trinkets before using them in spell bags, bottles, prosperity bowls, offerings, or any other kind of spell work. I’ve found feathers don’t need cleansing. Leaves and acorns might also be found in certain cities and kept for altar decor and seasonal decorations.

8. Witchy City Foodies

I don’t know if it’s just me, but as a kitchen witch I’m a bit obsessed with food in general. And typically the best variety of food can be found in the city. So why not take advantage and explore the restaurants, diners, markets, and food trucks that your magical city has to offer? I find magick in food…and some of the best food I’ve ever had was in cities like New York, Tampa, Vancouver, etc. Sometimes you might even notice some foods are purposely infused with magick. For example, at one restaurant, they were serving artisan cocktails inspired by the 4 elements…with herbs infused into the liquor!

9. Cultural Experiences and Studies

I always say, you’ll lose your close-mindedness and prejudices the more you travel. The more people you meet. The more cultures you expose yourself to. So even if you live in a city and can’t travel far, visit the city’s different cultural centers. Chinatown, Little Italy, Little Greece, and many other cultures who’ve migrated to your country from elsewhere *specifically in the U.S.* might have their own area of town. Visit with respect and an open mind. Eat the food, shop in their markets, and experience a culture you might not have access to otherwise. It’s more than witchy…it expands your consciousness and makes you a better person.

10. Museums & Art Exhibits Are For the City Witch!

You think museums and art exhibits aren’t PACKED with magick? Think again! I particularly look for museums with ancient and Medieval history. You might even get lucky and find a local museum with a witchcraft, folk magic, or religious exhibit. Visit and learn something new! In addition, any kind of art exhibits or art museums are inherently magical. My favorite museums include the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and the Smithsonian in D.C.

The City Witch: 10 Ways to Make Magick in Urban Places

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