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#WITCHLIFE: A FaceBook Witch Game by Otherworldly Oracle

Ever wanted to play a witch game that expands your witchcraft practice, grows your abilities, and connects you with other witches? Now you can! Otherworldly Oracle presents the first online Witch Game of its kind: #WITCHLIFE. To play the game, first join the Otherworldly Oracle FaceBook Group then sign up where it says #WITCHLIFE Sign-Ups. Learn more about the EXCITING new witch game #WITCHLIFE:

What is the #WITCHLIFE Witch Game?

The #WITCHLIFE game is an online game played on the Otherworldly Oracle FaceBook Group. The game consists of a digital gameboard with witchcraft activities, social media prompts, and an online scavenger hunt. All players are grouped into “covens” and work with one another via FaceBook Messenger. Each coven works together to complete gameboard tasks, social media prompts, and a website scavenger hunt. Games are won via a point system which is specified in the official game rules.

When does the #WITCHLIFE Game Begin? How often does it run?

The #WITCHLIFE witch game runs on a monthly basis, which means it starts early each month and ends before the month terminates. The first monthly #WITCHLIFE witch game will begin in early June 2019. Sign up for witch games will occur via an Otherworldly Oracle FaceBook Group announcement post. If you want to participate, join the group and wait to comment on the #WITCHLIFE announcement post.

Who? + High Priests/Priestesses

Any witch who has time to dedicate to their witchcraft practice will have time to play the #WITCHLIFE witch game on FaceBook. You must be a member of the Otherworldly Oracle FaceBook Group, have daily access to FaceBook and FaceBook Messenger, AND a Pinterest account. Each coven requires a team leader who will be deemed High Priest or Priestess of their coven for the month. The High Priest/Priestess must be able to lead their team by communicating regularly, keeping track of completed tasks, relaying info. to the OO admins, etc.


We here at the Otherworldly Oracle wanted to do something interactive and fun for group members and those seeking growth in their witchcraft practice. An online witch game seemed like a great way to expand one’s magical knowledge and skill and connect with like minded witches on a daily basis. These game activities are an exciting way to incorporate witchcraft into your daily life…hence #WITCHLIFE!

Now, for the Fun Stuff: Witchy Game PRIZES!

There will be individual prizes ranging from FREE annual OO website subscriptions to FREE rune and past life readings. The team who wins #WITCHLIFE will be able to choose the next month’s theme and some of the game challenges.

Join the OO FaceBook Group:

#WITCHLIFE: A FaceBook Community Witch Game to Help Witches Connect and AMP Up Their Skills!

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