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Everyday Magick: How to Add Magick to Your Daily Life

Want to know how to bring magick into your life on a daily basis? Let’s face it. Life is busy af. We’re all just trying to make our way in this world which includes daily routines like caring for our families, going to work, going to school, cleaning the house, running errands, and more. These daily routines seem severely mundane and un-magickal; however, it takes a shift in perspective to see how the mundane is magickal. Incorporate everyday magick into your daily life simply by being mindful and putting extra effort into your routine You don’t have to perform an elaborate ritual every day to be connected with the Universe/Divine/the gods! There are simple ways, which I plan to show you.

Everyday Magick: Drink & Eat Magick!

What is one thing we all have to do that we can’t avoid? Eat and drink to survive! Most of us enjoy drinking and eating, but sometimes it seems like a chore. We rush through our lunch breaks, we eat breakfast on-the-go, and the privilege of eating good food is taken for granted. Practice magick daily and be grateful for food! Being mindful of what you’re eating and drinking, take a few minutes to thank the Universe/gods/Divine for providing for us. Next, think about the ingredients – do they have magical properties? Of course they do! Do you know their magical properties? If not, google it. Drink herbal tea. Drink more water. Enchant your cup of coffee in the morning.

Kitchen Witchery

As the cook of the family, kitchen witchery is an easy way to do everyday magick! Again, identify the ingredients in each dish and their magical properties. Think about how they physically nourish the body. Stir in a spiral going clockwise and put intentions of health, love, peace, etc. into the dish. Add an herb or spice to the dish that has a specific intention you’d like to manifest. For example, use rosemary to flavor soups and poultry dishes and bring vitality and health to the household! Moreover, eat foods that correspond to certain chakras in order to realign yourself. For example, eat green foods like grapes, spinach, and cucumbers to open your heart chakra. 

Garden Witchery

Another suggestion – grow your own herbs and spices to use in meals every day. A huge garden is unnecessary. A couple of pots, bags of soil, herbs (or seeds), sunlight and water is all you need to get started. Snip fresh herbs right off the plant and throw them in meals. Talk about making the mundane, meal-cooking chore a magickal adventure! Cooking gets a whole lot more fun, trust me! In addition, keeping houseplants in the home is magical in nature. Every time you talk to your plants, feed or water your plants, you are caring for a living breathing thing. Some witches like to name their household plants and enchant them with intentions. 

Everyday magick includes kitchen witchcraft.

Food is magical. Eat healthy. Be grateful for your food.

Impromptu Divination

Divination is speaking with the divine, which is something everyone should do on a daily basis. It is simple and effective. In addition to praying and meditating, try some impromptu divination. Stuck in traffic on the way to work? Glance at the license plates around you to divine a message from the gods. Sitting outside during your lunch break? Peek at the clouds and identify shapes, numbers, and animals to divine a message from the universe. Use nearly anything for divination on a daily basis. Tarot cards and crystal balls are great but not necessary on a daily basis. This is simple, everyday magick to help tune your intuitive powers.

Simple Rituals: Candles, Incense, Prayer

Rituals don’t have to be detailed and drawn out. Something as simple as lighting a red candle in your kitchen to honor the hearth goddesses while cooking meals is a perfect way to add magick to daily life. Light a white candle in the morning and say a small prayer or affirmation for the day. Burn incense on the altar as an offering for deities or ancestors. Play relaxing music any time during the day to relax and re-connect: nature sounds, Tibetan singing bowls, Native American music, Celtic flutes, etc. Instead of sitting inside during lunch break, go for a walk or sit on a bench under a tree. Observe nature – the sky, the sun, trees, birds, bugs, people walking by, etc. On a nice day, open the windows and let the fresh air in!

Pull an oracle card for everyday magick.

Impromptu divination includes pulling an oracle card or two as part of your daily routine.

Responsibilities Made Magickal

Let’s all admit that some of the things we have to do on a daily basis are not only boring but they get old. So why not make those things less boring by adding some magick? I’ve already discussed how to make cooking and eating/drinking more magickal, but what are some other responsibilities that could be spiced up a bit?

Magickal House Cleaning

Cleaning the house? Ugh. I know. Why not practice visualization when you are vacuuming? Imagine the negative energy being sucked up into the vacuum and out of your house. Sweep the negative energy out the back door, visualizing as you do so. Use your own homemade floor washes and herbal floor sweeps to bring abundance of health and success to your household. Don’t know how to make floor washes and sweeps? Google it! It’s an easy way to make cleaning fun, everyday magick. When you clean the mirrors, counters, etc. wipe in a counter-clockwise motion to un-do any negative energy build-up. Wipe in a clockwise motion to bring something positive into your household. After you’ve finished cleaning the house, open the windows or door and give it a good smudging to cleanse the energy completely!

Traffic Magick

Does the drive to work leave you frustrated and tired? How about listening to relaxing music that helps you connect or maybe an audio-book that dives into your spiritual studies? Open the window on a nice day and let the fresh air into your car. When you’re at a stop-light (only when you’re stopped!) look around at the license plates and see if you can divine a message from the gods. You’d be surprised how the universe/gods will talk to you through the most mundane of things and places! Practice a chant on your drive to work and show up to work relaxed and/or energized.

Witchy Grocery Shopping

Going grocery shopping? As you walk through the aisles, try to focus on the magickal properties of some of the foods you see. Make a spontaneous purchase of an offering that you feel your gods/ancestors would enjoy.

Adding magick to everyday

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