Summer Solstice Crystals and Herbs

20 Summer Solstice Crystals & Herbs for Your Altar and Ritual

As the Wheel of the Year turns, and the Sun reigns supreme over the sky, we prepare for a blissful, abundant Summer Solstice. We can harness the Summer Solstice’s brilliant energy in order to bring new opportunities, prosperity, transformation, joy, and love into our lives (among many other blessed things). And what better way to prepare for this sabbat than by choosing our favorite Summer Solstice crystals and herbs to set on our altars, include in our rituals, and use as ingredients in our spells?

First, What is the Summer Solstice and Why Do We Celebrate It?

The Summer Solstice marks the official start to the Summer season. It is the longest day of the year and also a time of magical significance. Depending on your tradition and beliefs, you may call it something else. Litha and Midsummer are two other common names for this sacred day. We know that our ancient ancestors celebrated the Solstice, as we see it in the way they built their monuments. For example, Stonehenge in Britain was built so that the Sun perfectly aligns with the stone monument on the Solstices. In addition, the Pyramid of Chichen Itza in Mexico built between 800 and 900CE aligns with the Summer Solstice. If our ancestors didn’t celebrate this day, why would their ancient temples and monuments be built to align with it?

Sadly, we don’t know exactly how our ancestors honored the Summer Solstice, though we believe our Germanic ancestors sacrificed to the gods, prayed, gave thanks, and feasted. I’d venture to say these traditions likely carry across cultures for this pagan holiday (and others). So, how you honor the Summer Solstice, will be entirely up to you, your tradition, and your preferences. However, we recommend incorporating Summer Solstice crystals and herbs into your celebrations, decorations, spells and rituals.

10+ Magical Summer Solstice Crystals and How to Use Them

Crystals are great for so many reasons beyond just hurling them at an enemy’s head. Consider all of the other beneficial ways you can use Summer Solstice crystals including placing them on your Litha altar and around the house, carrying them on you and wearing them, and using them to fuel your rituals and spells. Here’s our favorites and more ideas on how to harness their energy:

1. Sunstone: A Summer Solstice Crystal to Honor the Sun

What makes more sense as a Summer solstice crystal than a crystal that’s named for the Sun? According to TinyRituals, sunstone has a “Summer mood”, was first discovered in Norway, and brings light to the darkness. This particular stone is like the state of Florida in a mineral. SUNSHINE, y’all. Endless sun, endless summer, endless joy! Add to your Litha altar and include in your Summer Solstice rituals to clear out the old and make way for the new, bring abundance, and manifest happiness.

2. Pyrite: Bring on the GOLDEN Prosperity this Summer

One of the first minerals I worked with was pyrite at the age of fifteen. The fact that it looks like gold definitely drew me in. In fact, it’s nickname is “fool’s gold”. Maybe you’ve heard of it? A great Summer Solstice crystal to use to both honor the sun’s golden rays AND to manifest prosperity this season. Plus, it just looks pretty on your altar. I’ve also used this crystal when working with Summer deities like Lugh and Aine.

Summer solstice crystals

3. Citrine: Boosts Energy

Another Summer Solstice crystal that doesn’t disappoint is citrine. Citrine is a known energy-booster as it is directly linked to the sun and our solar plexus. And what generates more energy than the sun? Carry citrine on you to increase motivation, boost physical vitality, and amplify your confidence at work and in your relationships. The color of citrine also exudes Summer vibes and ranges in shades from light orange to dark amber.

4. Orange Calcite: to Keep Us Motivated in the Summer

What a beautiful stone to use for your Litha rituals. Orange calcite screams Summer season and all things positive. Most of us long for vacation during the Summer, and sometimes the idea of it can weigh us down on the daily grind. Orange calcite is great for keeping us motivated and focused at work and in the mundane so that we can manifest our dreams in the spiritual. It’s cheery orange color looks gorgeous on a Summer Solstice altar and in ritual.

5. Moss Agate: The Summer Solstice Gardener’s Crystal

You’ll find me in the garden during the Summer, so naturally, I enjoy using Summer Solstice crystals that aid in my gardening magick. Moss agate is known as a “gardener’s stone” because it helps protect plants and aids in their growth. Place four moss agate pieces at the four corners of your garden and watch your flowers bloom and your veggies grow to massive sizes. It also seems to be crystal that attracts the fae, in my experience.

6. Red Jasper: For Passion and Grounding

This is a majorly protective stone, particularly for magicians and witches. It’s also a favored stone among students, professors, and academics. Since the Summer Solstice marks the first official day of Summer and the longest day of the year, things might feel at an all-time high, but they might also feel a bit out-of-balance. Red jasper is a stone that will help bring that balance back. It has grounding energies and, conversely, will also bring passion and lust to a situation. Since Summer is a time of love, this stone flows perfectly with the sabbat and season.

7. Coral: Honor the Water Element on Litha

What a beautiful stone to come right out of the sea. And since fire and water are two major elements in the Summer season, stones from the sea are perfect for the Litha sabbat. Coral represents strength, emotions, and deep-dives into one’s psyche. It also symbolizes immortality and wisdom, as the sea is eternal and carries the wisdom of the Universe. Wear it or keep it on you throughout the Summer to “cool off” the heated energy of the season. Offer it to water deities on the Summer Solstice. It’s also known to be an appropriate offering to mermaids and water elementals.

8. Bloodstone: To Clear Blockages and for Grounding

During the Summer Solstice, we are often vibrating at high levels…rife with the energy of the sky and sun. While Summer is an earthy season, sometimes the extra energy can get to our heads and we need to remember to ground ourselves. Bloodstone, being a combination of chalcedony and red jasper, is a very grounding stone and aids in realigning the lower chakras. In addition, it clears negative energy from the aura and from your environment, allowing more manifestation to occur this Summer season.

9. Topaz: Vibrant and Sunny Summer Crystal

Another bright and cheery crystal, topaz’s energy is vibrant and healing. If you’ve been stressed out and want to let it all relax and go this Solstice, wear topaz or include it in your Litha rituals. Topaz is also known to bring unconditional love and aids in public speaking.

10. Amazonite

If you plan to work with the elementals or fae this Summer Solstice, this crystal will help you see through the spirit world’s veil easily. It’s energy brings good luck, money, and fortune. It enhances love in nearly any relationship and clears the air of negative vibrations. All the good things in life!

Sunflower is one of many Summer Solstice herbs.

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10 SUNNY Summer Solstice Herbs and How to Use Them

This is a hard (or actually the easiest) topic to write about, because just think of all the plants and herbs bursting forth at the Summer Solstice. What’s difficult is narrowing it down to just 10 Summer Solstice herbs. But that’s what we attempted to do here:

1. Lavender for Beauty and Sleep

The familiar and beautiful scent of lavender undulates from your Midsummer altar. The pretty purple buds welcome you to acknowledge your beauty, to love yourself, and to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This Summer Solstice herb is multi-purpose – it’s powerful as an essential oil, in dried form, as well as fresh. If you can grow it in your garden, even better. Burning a bundle of lavender on the Summer Solstice not only purifies you and your space but also invites beauty and love into your life. It’s powerful in any Summer Solstice ritual.

A simple way to use lavender on a daily basis throughout the Summer is to diffuse it at night. Just before you go to sleep. It will make your entire bedroom smell like a lavender field. And put your @ss to sleep! Even if you’re wired from the long Summer day you just had.

2. Sunflower: The Sun’s Flower

Sunflowers are the epitome of the Sun in flower form. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved sunflowers. My grandmother grew them in her garden, giant sunflowers, that towered over us. They always brought me joy and wonder. And I associate them with the Summer.

Place sunflowers around the Summer Solstice altar and ritual space. Grow them in the garden as food for pollinators, then let the seeds fall and let them replant themselves. You can always collect some of the petals and throw them in a ritual Litha bath. Or use them as offering to sun gods.

3. Calendula: A Sunny, Useful Summer Solstice Herb

Calendula is such a potent Summer Solstice herb. It’s yet another Summer Solstice herb that represents the sun, brings happiness, and has powerful healing qualities. Add it to the bath to soak up its sunshine-energy and to relieve any vaginal dryness or inflammation. It’s safe in teas and potions to amplify your career success and manifest your dreams this Summer season.

4. Chamomile

And yet another cheery, sunny herb and flower, chamomile is sprinkled about the Midsummer ritual space, added to baths, teas, oils, and much more. It brings joy, prosperity, confidence, and more.

5. Rosemary: The All-Purpose Herb

This is hands-down my favorite Summer Solstice herb. And my favorie herb in general. Rosemary is all-purpose – it can be used for nearly any intention including mental abilities, intuition, healing, love, protection, purification, abundance and much more. Grow it by your front door to protect your household. Harvest the sprigs and make a crown for Midsummer OR attach to the end of a branch as a makeshift besom for your Litha rituals. In Ancient Greece and Rome, they would wear rosemary crowns to increase memory and clarity of mind. In addition, rosemary is called Elf Leaf because of its connection to the fae, so it can be used to call on them at Midsummer.

6. Saint John’s Wort

In Medieval Times, certain plants were collected on the Summer Solstice. One of those plants was Saint John’s Wort…interestingly, Midsummer was also called Saint John’s Eve. This is because the Church began calling the Summer Solstice the birthday of John the Baptist. As they tried to either erase or adopt most pagan holy-days, this is no wonder to me. Saint John’s Wort has long been associated with Midsummer, so you can use it in your festivities too. Saint John’s Wort was collected and used as a protective device against evil, fairies, and witches on the Summer Solstice. You can carry it in your pocket, hang it above your door, or lay it about the ritual space.

7. Lemon Balm: The Bee’s Favorite Herb

Lemon balm, aka Melissa officinalis, is a favorite of the honeybees. This herb is in the mint family, but doesn’t smell or taste like mint. Instead, it has a distinctive yet subtle lemon scent and flavor. If you feel nerves are running high near the Solstice and you want to calm down, drink a cup of lemon balm tea. As honeybees are linked to the sun and Summer, and this herb is named for the goddess of bees, so too is this herb linked to the sun and Summer. Wrap sprigs of it up in bundles and throw in the bonfire, bath tub, or infuse into potions.

8. Elder: The Witch’s Summer Solstice Herb

Elder trees have an especially long history in witchcraft and in Celtic lore. It was once believed that witches’ souls lived in the Elder tree, and so did the fairies. Because of this, it was frowned upon and highly discouraged to ever cut an elder tree down. The berries and flowers are used in many medicinal and magical preparations and are plentiful at Midsummer. Make elder berry syrup, use the flowers in the bath, and decorate with them.

9. Rose

Who doesn’t love when the roses bloom in the Summer? The heady scent and colors are to die-for! Roses aren’t just pretty, they’re also protective. Cut some of the thorns and use them in your Midsummer protection spells. Sprinkle the petals about your ritual area or on the Summer Solstice feast table. Offer roses to your ancestors, the fae, and the gods at Midsummer.

10. Thyme

Since thyme is connected to the fae, it’s a traditional Summer Solstice herb. And it’s extremely versatile. Bundle it together with rosemary and burn it to purify your space. Add it to teas, baths, floor washes, and to meals to invoke the fae (if you dare).

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