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Fire Element: Fire Magical Properties & Fire Magic Spells for New Witches

There are five elements according to Wicca and western magical traditions: spirit, fire, earth, air and water. We’ve covered the air element, and now we’ll cover the fire element as well as fire’s magical properties and fire magic spells for beginner witches. Ready to light your magick on FIRE?

Fire Magical Properties

Fire isn’t just without. It comes from within. It’s as much a part of this world as it is a part of ourselves. From a candle’s flame to a bonfire, witches use the fire element in their magical craft for many different reasons. Depending on the tradition and even the individual, fire magical properties will vary. When the fire element means passion and success to one person, it may mean emotions and cleansing to another. These are meant to be guidelines; adjust as needed.

Direction: South
Substance: Candle flame, Bonfire, Wildfire, Heat, Sunlight, Hearth, Spark, Fuse, Electricity, Fever, Oven, Fireworks, Chemical Reactions (some)
Body: Loins, Immune and Metabolic System
Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Planets: Mars
Fire Magical Properties: passion, anger, transformation, cleansing, destruction, protection, energy, force, renewal, rebirth, banishment, purification, sex, warding, truth, hope
Fire Animals: snakes, lizards, bees, crickets, scorpions, fox, lion, tiger, ram, fire ant, firefly
Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Blue
Magical Tools: candles, athame, sword, dagger, stove and oven, incense
Magical Creatures with fire magical properties: dragons, phoenix, salamanders, djinn
Plants with Fire Magical Properties: rosemary, rue, basil, thistle, peppers, cactus, coffee beans

Fire Magic Spells

The fire magical properties are fueled by air. So, essentially, air can be used to fan or increase fire. Water may be heated by fire OR in larger quantities can put out the fire. Fire cooks or burns up earth or can be extinguished by earth.

People who are fire signs tend to be very passionate, driven people. They are sometimes easy to enrage, and love working with the fire element in their magick. If you are a fire sign, fire magic spells and charms will be your most potent form of witchcraft. Here are some easy ways to cast fire magic spells and harness the energy of the fire element:

  • Candle spells
  • Sun-bathing / re-charging by sunlight
  • Burning papers with wishes/intentions in bonfires
  • Burning old belongings to release old habits and negativity
  • Hearth magick: cooking, brewing, baking, etc.
  • Fire scrying: divination in candle flames and bonfires
  • Smoke scrying: divination with smoke
  • Burning Incense and Smoke-cleansing
  • Storm magick, particularly harnessing the energy of lightning
  • Solar magick: sun teas and elixirs, sabbat celebrations, etc.
  • Alchemy with metals
  • Crafting sun catchers with magical intentions
  • Sex magick
  • Burning candles as offerings to gods, ancestors, spirit guides
  • Blacksmithing and forging
  • Working with crystals linked to the fire element
  • Following your passion in life

The Unique Magick of the Fire Element

Fire is creative and destructive. It warded off wild animals, intruders, and illness for our ancestors. It also kept them warm and provided a means of cooking. But it could also destroy entire villages and forests, destroying life as we know it. Fire dries/evaporates water, is fueled/extinguished by air, and is fueled/extinguished by earth. The interaction with fire all depends on the amount of each element used. Without heat and fire, our ancestors wouldn’t have survived and neither would we. In Greek mythology, fire was gifted to humans by a god. Let the fire element cleanse you of your past and prepare a path for the future.

Fire Element Exercises for the Beginner Witch

To connect with the fire element, beginner witches should eat, sleep, breathe and live fire. Simply lighting candles on a daily basis starts the process. Study fire and its interactions with the other elements. Wear colors that correspond to fire. Think about what human characteristics YOU associate with fire. Do you feel it inside when you’re angry? Motivated? Lustful? Learn how to scry with fire. Understand the scientific properties of fire. Study the animals, landscape and plants connected to the fire element. Cast fire magic spells until you feel you’ve forged a connection.

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