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Magical Fairy Oil Recipe for Members Only

Work healing, liberating, and abundance-drawing magick with the fairies by using my recipe for magical fairy oil. Various uses for magical fairy oil include: anointing candles for candle magic, blessing/charging fairy houses and furniture for your fairy garden, and anointing your power points before meditation, trance, and/or journeying into the other realms.

Magical Fairy Oil Recipe

What You’ll Need:

  • Air-tight glass jar/container with lid
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Elder flower
  • Lavender
  • Hawthorn leaves


  1. Fill your air-tight container/jar (a mason jar works perfectly) at least three-quarters of the way with the three herbs (elder, hawthorn, and lavender).
  2. Pour sunflower oil over the herbs and all the way to the top of the jar. Close it with air-tight lid.
  3. Shake it gently and place in a dark, dry place.
  4. Every day for one full moon-cycle, shake the jar gently and put back in its place.
  5. After one moon cycle, strain out the herbs and label the oil with the name and date.
  6. Store in a dark, dry place.

Why These Ingredients?

Elder flower: in traditional fairy folklore, the Elder tree is sacred to fairies and to the goddess. In certain countries in Europe, it was forbidden to cut even a branch off the tree for fear of angering the spirit within the elder tree. There’s a story of a man in Ireland who cuts down a fairy tree to build his house. He’s tormented in his own home thereafter.

Lavender: modern green witches claim lavender is a favorite of the fairies. Lavender has an ancient history of use in beauty and healing and was once used as currency in Ancient Rome. If planted in the garden, lavender attracts pollinators and fairies alike!

Hawthorn leaves: another sacred fairy tree in Ireland is the Hawthorn tree. It’s bad luck to remove a branch or thereby disturb a hawthorn tree because of the fairies residing in it. It was one of the Celts’ sacred trees in ancient times.

Sunflower oil: sunflower oil is a light carrier oil and is perfect for a magical fairy oil. Sunflowers are another well-beloved plant in the fairy garden alongside lavender.

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